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MahJong 3 in 1
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MahJong 3 in 1

Puzzle / 2013
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MahJong 3 in 1 is a collection for Mac OS that includes: Mahjong Epic, Mahjong Forests, MahJong 1.0. Mahjong is an ancient game that came to us from the east. According to legend, it was invented by Confucius himself more than two and a half thousand years ago.

The main type of the game is its gambling version, in which several players take part. This opportunity is available thanks to the multiplayer. From a certain number of dice, similar to domino stones, players have to collect a combination of a higher denomination than their opponents. The game has some similarities to modern poker, but its rules are much more complex and can vary significantly from one gaming establishment to another. The main difference between MahJong 3 in 1 and most gambling games is the element of randomness, which may have little effect on the game, but can also be a decisive factor.

The second popular type of Mahjong is a kind of solitaire layout. This is a version of the game for one person, designed to brighten up loneliness or a long wait. With the advent of personal computers and smartphones, the game gained popularity far beyond the East and is in great demand among Europeans and residents of the American continents. Now you don't need a large table and a solid set of dice to play. All the player needs is Download MahJong 3 in 1 and dive into the game world. The user can independently adjust the difficulty level, the type of solitaire and the layout of the dice.

At the moment, there are many varieties of this game, but they all boil down to a single goal. Solitaire layout helps the player to relax and abstract from the bustle of the surrounding world. In addition, play helps develop attention, visual memory and patience. These qualities are very much appreciated in the modern world, which is why the game is so popular. In addition, it is great for helping people who need to wait for their train or flight. Children who, on the advice of their parents, got acquainted with this game, develop much faster than their peers and show a rare flexibility of intelligence.

We can safely say that this game has not in vain traveled such a long historical path and has come down to our days almost in its original form. In ancient China, they knew a lot about educational games that could help a person in his life path. Therefore, it is worth diving into the magical world of MahJong 3 in 1 on Mac OS to improve your intellectual skills and find the peace of mind that people in the modern world lack so much.

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  • Mac OS X version 10.4 or later
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 50 MB hard drive space
MahJong 3 in 1 Mac Game Download
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