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First-person shooter / 2000
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    v 1.6
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    Intel only
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    The program has been treated (does not require data entry / enter any data)
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    Russian, English

Counter-Strike is the first game in the series in the genre of team first-person shooter. Initially, Counter-Strike was just an amateur mod for the Half-Life game, which added the ability to play online. However, due to its great demand, the company bought the rights from developers and released a complete game.


The peculiarity of the game for Mac OS is that players are divided into two teams playing their roles: terrorists and special forces. The match includes several rounds, after which the team wins. The goals of the rounds are different: defusing or planting a bomb, rescuing hostages, killing a VIP character, or destroying an enemy team. Goals also depend on the selected map. In addition to choosing a card, script and role, players choose the appearance of the character they are playing for. The game has 8 game models, as well as two situational elements: a VIP character and hostages. Appearance is of particular importance, because its feature is a mask on the ground.


The arsenal of the player is very impressive. It consists of 5 cells used to place certain weapons. The first is shotguns, rifles, or machine guns, the second is for a gun, then a knife, grenades, and a bomb, but it appears only in the corresponding scenario. Weapons are bought at the beginning of each round for previously earned currency.

Money system

Money, as in life, is of great importance here. Indeed, the more money, the better equipment a player is able to acquire. But if the budget is limited, you will have to seriously think about the tactics of the game. Purchasing can only be done between rounds and no later. Money is earned after the end of the round, the winning team receives more money. The losing team also does not remain without a reward, but its number is much smaller. Earnings depend on the selected scenario and the tasks performed. The maximum you can get $ 16,000, but you can also stay without money.

The game fell in love with the players for its realism. A large selection of weapons, strategies, scenarios, voice chat, a well-thought-out monetary system - all this influenced the popularity of the game.

Counter-Strike is a multiplayer online game for Mac OS, which involves playing with people around the world, however if this format is already tired or has ceased to be fun, there is a game mode with bots. In this mode, you can try out interesting tactics, train shooting accuracy, or just play at your own pace. In any case, Counter-Strike is a game for everyone, so hurry up to download it.

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System requirements
  • 500 MHz processor
  • 96 MB RAM
  • 16 MB graphics card
Counter-Strike Mac Game Download
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