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Cover Orange
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Cover Orange

Adventure / 2010
  • Developer:
    FDG Entertainment
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    Intel only
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    Not required
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Cover Orange is a cartoon-style physics puzzle game for Mac OS. Your task is to protect cute oranges from the ominous cloud of acid rain. The player will have to drag and drop various objects: boxes, wheels, etc., in order to save the lives of his smiling fruit friends. The faster the next puzzle is solved, the more points are gained. However, you should consider all the options for the development of events, because one “drop” of rain is enough to turn oranges into blackened skulls, which will lead to a forced restart of the level.


The description of the gameplay gives the impression that everything is very simple, but as you progress through the restarts become more frequent, and points for the speed of passage are less and less. Sometimes it is so trivial that you just need to build a structure around the orange or use the objects available to you to push the oranges to safety. But soon it becomes much harder to do. Swinging chains and explosive bombs appear that can trigger chain reactions. And if only one drop breaks through, you will need to start all over again. You have as much time as you wish to dump your objects, designed to protect fruits, but as soon as you drop the last, the rain cloud will slowly swim, covering everything around with black drops of deadly rain.

There are over a hundred levels to go through six different worlds, so the game has a lot of content. Most levels are quite complex, and some experimentation and planning will be required to solve them. But there are some incredibly simple scenes that seem out of place. This makes sense at the beginning when you are still learning the basics and features of the game. But when you find yourself in some of the later worlds and come across an easily solved level, this does not fit into the overall picture of increasing complexity, but allows you to relax a bit.

In addition, you have to suffer with physics, forcing objects to bounce after they fall. Background music repeats with one that can get bored with a melody, and after a long stay in the game it gets stuck in your head for a while. Long sticking in the game, which can be download here, cannot be avoided, because the player loses himself because of the many levels available.

All small oranges have big eyes and bright smiles, they giggle and rejoice, and when one of these evil drops of rain falls on them, you cannot help but feel terrible. All scenes of the game for Mac OS look bright, outdoors, with many trees and cottages in the background and crawling beetles in the foreground.

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System requirements
  • Mac OS 10.6 or higher (Lion supported!)
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