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Cut the Rope
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Cut the Rope

Puzzle / 2012
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    v 1.1.1
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    Intel only
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    Not required
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    English, Russian

Cut the Rope is a simple and interesting puzzle game. It was released on October 4, 2010 from Russian developers ZeptoLab. The game immediately liked the players and all gaming media. Simple but interesting gameplay, beautiful graphics, and most importantly, that it does not take a lot of time.

The gameplay of Cut the Rope for Mac OS is very simple. In the box sits a small dinosaur named AM NYAM. The player needs to feed him a sweet hanging on a rope. Along the way, it is advisable to collect stars scattered throughout the level. There is a well-developed physics here: the sweetness of AM NYAM itself must be periodically moved using foreign objects: balls, trampolines, Velcro, fans, and so on. The level is considered completed when the sweetness is in the mouth of the dinosaur. You can’t forget about the stars, thanks to them, locations are opened, of which there are quite a lot. At first glance, everything seems pretty simple, and the first levels are straightforward. But it is worth going at least until the middle of the game and you have to turn on the thought process to the full. In addition to feeding AM AM, there will be big problems with collecting stars.

Cut the Rope has nice graphics and sound. The style of the game is perfectly matched to this genre. Light, relaxed atmosphere makes the player plunge into the passage with his head. Pleasant animation and visual style make the gameplay even more enjoyable and addictive. Cut the Rope is a kind game, there is no place for cruelty and rudeness, so this cartoon style is perfect for her.

The sound in the game is made at the highest level. This is important enough, since playing with nasty sound is unpleasant and such projects get bored very quickly. Everything is wonderful right there, the dinosaur's cries are touching, and the clatter of candy and all objects on the map sound realistic.

Its most important plus - it does not take much time from the gamer. Playing it, you can monitor and evaluate the time spent in the virtual world. It’s best to do Cut the Rope on Mac OS gradually to enjoy the atmospheric picture and funny characters.

This project is suitable for every player. Download it is recommended for both children and adults. Easy and enjoyable game with a good and kind atmosphere will allow you to relax, gain pleasant experiences and have a good evening.

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  • Mac OS X 10.5 and later
Cut the Rope Mac Game Download
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