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Burger Shop 2
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Burger Shop 2

Simulation / 2009
  • Developer:
    GoBit Games
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  • Platform:
    PPC/Intel universal
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    Not required
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The acclaimed culinary series that has had great success in the past is now available to players in a new installment. Burger Shop 2 for Mac OS will also delight you with an original storyline. If in the last part the hero successfully created a chain of restaurants, then in this player a real detective story awaits. After all, the hero woke up on the street, everything that he had achieved earlier does not work now. And he has absolutely no memory of the details of what happened. It remains only to try to start all over again.

The entire restaurant empire will have to be rebuilt. To work out the menu to the smallest detail and adapt to customers. In addition, a subplot in the new part will also be an attempt to find out what happened and where the former empire of restaurants, painstakingly grown in the previous part, went to.

For those who love interesting business simulators with simple mechanics and a pleasant plot, this game is ideal. Despite the fact that it contains a lot of the first part, it still remains independent and can keep the player's interest. Both new and old, familiar recipes will be available.

The presence of several levels of difficulty and the ability to pass levels with different pace and tension only complements the picture. Throughout the game, the player will not have to suffer from unpleasant or annoying soundtrack. The soundtrack of the game on Mac OS is original, it does not get boring and sets you up for a creative and working mood. For those who dream, but cannot open their own cafe, this game will become a real outlet and a springboard. Here you can work out and simulate many decisions and situations, and the detective plot branch will add interest to what is happening.


  • More than 200 different levels;
  • A rich menu consisting of a wide variety of dishes and products;
  • Lots of trophies and no restrictions on playing time, you can go through the story as much as you like.


You will need a mouse, attention and patience to play. In addition, the player has several game modes. You can play without stress and unnecessary haste by choosing an easy level. And in a difficult mode, you will have to try to literally keep within a minute, otherwise the client will simply leave, and the restaurant will receive a negative review. A rich menu and a large number of products will also require a considerable amount of attention, because customers will not choose a dish that does not suit them. All that remains is to Download and enjoy the game for real, choosing the most comfortable mode for yourself.

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System requirements
  • OS X 10.3.9 or higher
  • G4 400 mHz
  • 256 MB RAM
Burger Shop 2 Mac Game Download
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