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Arcade / 2012
  • Developer:
    Eric Froemling
  • Release:
  • Version:
    v 1.3.3
  • Platform:
    Intel only
  • Tablet:
    Not required
  • Interface language:

BombSquad has dynamic gameplay and spectacular action-style explosions. In the version for Mac OS you will find gaming madness where you can blow up your opponents or bots. With simple controls and enhanced controller support, 8 people can join the action.

The main character Maximus is a funny man in a robot suit. His opponents are just children's toys that need to be destroyed and remain unscathed. In the game, the character will have to destroy all life in its path, at least in the initial stages of the missions.

Also, to go all the way of the game itself, the character has in his arsenal an unlimited number of bombs and is well versed in hand-to-hand combat. The passage becomes more and more fun when various bonuses appear on the map that enhance hand-to-hand fighting skills, and mines already appear instead of bombs.


  • Beautiful graphic design in 2D;
  • Spectacular explosions;
  • Multiplayer game mode;
  • Explosive gameplay;
  • Realistic physics of the behavior of objects.


When the player download the game and enters the arena, he has no choice but to move around, box other characters and throw bombs at them from afar.

Many interesting modes like "King of the Hill" diversify the gameplay. In the mode it is necessary to scatter all opponents and remain the last on the territory. Each player will have his own unique hero, so during the game he can be improved and use a large selection of clothes.

The whole game is based on the fact that players will have to destroy their opponents with bombs in order to survive and become the best among all the others. The stock of bombs in the game is endless, so that each will fry each other to the maximum.

The bombs in the game on Mac OS consist of several types: anti-personnel, freezing, sticking, with an increased radius of action. Each of them has its own tactics.

The game gives out many different bonuses that make the gameplay dynamic. In each round, players have to fight for these bonuses in order to win. Bonuses are in the boxes: boxes with dynamite, force field, first aid kit, boxing gloves, shields, sticky bombs and much more.

Each bonus is good in its own way and you can use them as a weapon or upgrade your character’s skills. One of the fun bonuses is the boxing glove. Thanks to her, you can beat off any bombs of opponents that fly back into them.

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System requirements
  • OS X 10.7.4 or later
BombSquad Mac Game Download
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