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Divinity: Original Sin II
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Divinity: Original Sin II

RPG / 2019
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    Larian Studios
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Divinity: Original Sin II - the second part of the famous sub-series for Mac OS. In the circles of fans of RPG games, the Divinity series is considered one of the best representatives of computer role-playing games. It was this cycle of video games that made Larian Studios developer studio popular.

The first parts of the series initially paid tribute to such ancestors of the genre as Wasteland and Fallout. This is noticeable in the top view, which is preserved in the series even today. And just like in the classic RPGs of the 90s and early 00s, Divinity had a huge open world, allowing the player to behave as he pleases. However, the end of the adventure will depend on the committed acts of the protagonist and his companions.

The Original Sin sub-series added the ability to complete the game with another player. Because of this, some mechanics were refined and tuned for joint passage, for example, dialogs. Now, another protagonist, with whom the passage is carried out, can intervene at any time in a conversation with the NPC. Of the gameplay innovations, one can single out the ability to control the elements. This is the most powerful magic called Source.

Events Divinity: Original Sin II will start after 1000 years. All magicians who own the Source are referred to a distant fort called Joy. And so that they could not use their magical abilities, they put on a special collar that covers all communication with the source.

From now on, the player is given a choice between the following races:

  • People;
  • Elves;
  • Gnomes.

Two new races were added to their ranks: undead and lizards. Lizards are distinguished by their ability to talk, and undead can be cured of poisons, but take damage from healing with potions of health. A similar unique feature is possessed by any other living intelligent being.

Another innovation was the increase in the squad. Now in the squad you can take four people. They can be controlled both by himself and by calling his three comrades. The second part can be downloaded and even four.

The combat system has also been adjusted. The enemies appeared two types of armor: physical and magical. Each protects from a certain type of impact, during the battle it is necessary to take into account this aspect. The number of action points has been reduced, but the cost of ML abilities has also been reduced.

In general, the innovations touched the combat system and the addition of many new unique character traits. The project on Mac OS retained all the charms of its predecessor and ennobled them with its own. The second part is an interesting story with a huge world, a nontrivial battle and features that are inherent only in this series.

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System requirements
  • System: OSX 10.13.6 High Sierra
  • Processor: Core i5
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: HD Graphics 5000 or Radeon R9 M290X
  • Storage: 20 GB available space
Divinity: Original Sin II Mac Game Download
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