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Angry Birds Space
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Angry Birds Space

Puzzle / 2012
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    v 1.4.0
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    Intel only
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Angry Birds Space is one of the most popular casual arcades in the world. This part is the fifth in a series of games "Angry Birds". The release on Mac OS took place in March 2012.

The plot is similar to the previous parts: green pigs steal the eggs of birds, but the birds, in turn, go in pursuit in order to return the stolen and punish the offenders. However, this time the battle will take place right in space.


  • Interesting game mechanics tied to the physics of bird flight;
  • Bright and colorful visual design;
  • A lot of birds with their unique skills;
  • 12 episodes, one of which is secret.


The gameplay is identical to the previous parts. The user is given the location in an isometric view. On the left side is a slingshot, with which it is necessary to launch the birds, as well as the birds themselves. On the right side there are fortifications of pigs trying to defend themselves from them. The player must, by choosing the most optimal angle of flight of the bird, do as much damage as possible to the pigs per shot.

In Angry Birds Space, birds got abilities different from the classic series. For example, Chuck, in addition to acceleration, can now be directed along a predetermined trajectory given during his flight. And Terence increased the damage done in a collision. In addition, the developers have added completely new species of birds.

The game has high replayability: at each level, depending on the quality of its passage, you can earn up to three stars. In addition, having passed the campaign, consisting of 11 chapters, you can access the Mirror Worlds, which are complicated versions of the same levels from the campaign. “Eggsteroids” will be scattered across the locations, collecting which you can open access to the secret chapter.

At the end of each chapter, the player will face the boss. Usually they are behind large fortifications in the most inaccessible places. In addition, they have an increased, unlike ordinary pigs, health reserve.

Angry Birds Space for Mac OS is visually designed in a very high quality: every location, character model, as well as special effects from collisions and abilities are traced in detail. The world looks vibrant and animated. In some cases, interaction with the environment is available by clicking on it.

The game is recommended to Download to all fans of arcades tied to physics, as well as fans of the Angry Birds series.

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Angry Birds Space Mac Game Download
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