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Angry Birds Star Wars
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Angry Birds Star Wars

Puzzle / 2012
  • Developer:
    Rovio Entertainment
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  • Version:
    v 1.4.0
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    Not required
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After the release of evil birds in space, many fans were waiting for the sequel. It was interesting what else the developers of their fans would surprise. The creators did not go far from the style of space, the birds staged a real slaughter in an open boundless space. This means that feathered friends are ready for something more serious, they are ready for a real war, they are ready for star wars. Launching evil birds in the Star Wars universe was and is one of the most correct decisions of developers.

The game was released on November 8, 2012. Angry Birds Star Wars for Mac OS appealed to all players and game critics, the fact is that these are old evil birds, but only modified, improved, and even in such a popular movie universe.

The game has improved graphics, as well as optimized controls, the slingshot has become more responsive, and the launch is smoother. The scenery has changed, but the rest is the same Angry Birds. The essence of the gameplay is to launch feathered from a slingshot, shoot down pigs and arrange a noble mess. The pigs themselves are now represented as imperial soldiers, even the main villain Darth Vader has not been forgotten. But in addition to new costumes, they were given blasters, which greatly changed and diversified the gameplay. This is a completely new element of the famous puzzle.

The birds also received changes in appearance, and they were also given special skills. Now this is not just multi-colored feathered friends, but the personification of all the heroes of the movie universe:

  • Han Solo shoots with lasers, and shots ricochet from heavy-duty fortifications;
  • Bird Luke is armed with a lightsaber;
  • Flying Obi Wan uses power, the wave from which blows everything in its path;
  • Chewbak plays the role of a nucleus, at the expense of the masses it carries heavy obstacles;
  • Princess Leia changes the gravitational field, attracting objects;
  • The R2-D2 robot releases electric discharges;
  • Master Yoda ricochets against the wall.

Also familiar skills remained: separation, ramming and acceleration. The game takes place on Tatooine and the Death Star. By and large, Angry Birds Star Wars is a mixture of classic and space levels, there are limited zones with gravity.

Angry Birds Star Wars on Mac OS turned out to be very high quality and gained new abilities, a new world, new puzzles. Maybe someone can resist the opportunity to Download the game, but certainly not a fan of the Angry Birds series and the famous movie saga. A kind, fun, dynamic and not annoying puzzle awaits all fans of the series.

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Angry Birds Star Wars Mac Game Download
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