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Baldur's Gate II
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Baldur's Gate II

RPG / 2013
  • Developer:
    Overhaul Games
  • Release:
  • Version:
    v 1.2.0
  • Platform:
    Intel only
  • Tablet:
    The program has been treated (does not require data entry / enter any data)
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The events of Baldur's Gate II are developing in the fictional country of Aln, the city of Atkatl and its districts. The main character has to confront the wizard John Irenicus. The whole plot is built on the tricks of Irenicus and the attempts of the protagonist to destroy his plans. The game is divided into seven chapters.

The game for Mac OS begins with the fact that the hero and his girlfriend Imoen are held captive by the wizard Irenikus, who conducts experiments on them. He is trying to find out the power of the descendants of the god of the killers of Baal, who is the main character. During the attack on the shelter of Irenicus, the heroes manage to escape.

After this, Imoen accidentally ends up in a wizard prison, which is located on an island. The main character has to find the money to get there. He succeeds, and on the ship he gets to the island, which is already under the control of the evil magician.

After a short battle, Irenikus still manages to take away the soul of the main character and get part of the divine power of Baal. The action moves to the labyrinth, from where the hero and his team have to get out. At the end of the maze, Irenicus awaits them. Will the main character become the new God of killers and defeat him, decide for the players who Download the game.


  • New race - half-orcs, new classes - barbarian, monk and sorcerer;
  • Weapons can be taken in both hands;
  • Now you can put marks on the map;
  • Increased set of spells (over 300);
  • Mages may have an assistant familiar;
  • Multiplayer mode for 2-6 players.


During the game, the characters move in real time, conduct battles and perform actions. It is possible to pause the game and at this time, without haste, give the characters tasks, and after removing the pause, watch for their implementation. Some cities and locations of the game have non-player characters. You can talk with them and get a task or the necessary information for the development of the plot.

The main objective of the game for Mac OS is to gain experience points that give for some actions, for example, killing an enemy or completing other tasks. There is also a set of levels to help improve skills.

The main character is the team leader. Its parameters, such as charisma, determine how non-player characters react and changes in prices in stores. The higher the reputation of the protagonist, the better the attitude of the team members towards him. The team should sometimes give rest to restore strength, magicians at this time memorize spells for future use.

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System requirements
  • OS X 10.6.8 and later
Baldur's Gate II Mac Game Download
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