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Monopoly: World
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Monopoly: World

Puzzle / 2011
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    English, Russian

Monopoly is an immortal classic of the global gaming fund. This game is so widespread that almost everyone already knows about its existence and has played it more than once at parties. In addition to the board game, there are now its analogs in electronic form. One of the most worthy is Monopoly: World for Mac OS from Electronic Arts.

This is a modern remake of the classic economic strategy. The game field is presented in the form of a square, divided into different color sectors, which contain three more. They are presented in the form of various popular places, attractions, hotels, shops and other US business projects. Sectors differ from each other in cost. The higher the cost of the area, the higher the income from it. The player rolls the dice and moves across the field, rearranging his own piece and passing as many sectors as the number of dots on the dice.

The main goal of the players is to get rich and get as many cards with their own business as possible. To do this, you need to buy new businesses, sell existing ones at a bargain price and receive bonus money. Players will have to participate in auctions, send opponents to jail and ruin them with increased rent.

Once you decide to Download the game, you can play against the computer by adjusting the difficulty for each round. You can play with the computer both one-on-one and by connecting up to three opponents. You can play together not only with computer characters, but also by inviting a family member or friend for one monitor, because playing together is always more interesting.

Before the start of the round, you can change some of the rules of the game to help make the gameplay more interesting. If there is a need to interrupt the game, but you do not want to lose successfully accumulated cards and surrender your winning position, then the game provides the ability to save the current game process. Returning later, you can start the game from the last save location.

Simple and, nevertheless, pleasant graphics are visualized in the picture of that very favorite game. Musical accompaniment encourages players and makes the gameplay even more lively.

Monopoly: World for Mac OS is a remake of the classic economic strategy game. This game will help to analyze the financial approach, which will help the player in real life to be more judicious about spending money, and will help to conduct the correct strategy in future games.

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Monopoly: World Mac Game Download
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