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Strategy / 2005
  • Developer:
    Introversion Software
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    v 1.4.2
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Find yourself in the unique world of Darwinia - a digital reserve where amazing creatures with artificial intelligence live, and also endowed with a soul. According to the plot of the game on Mac OS, the player must pass all the tests in the fight against the evil systemic virus that threatens to enslave all the inhabitants.

After Dr. Sepulveda created this virtuality for the research and development of artificial intelligence on the World Wide Web, the scientist provided an opportunity to visit everyone in Darwin, entertaining visitors with excursions. Inside a very unusual world, thousands of local representatives of intelligent inhabitants — Darvians — were raised; thanks to which the study of the doctor began only to move forward. Thus, the genius managed to learn a lot about the behavior of artificial intelligence and its abilities, as well as achieve considerable success. But, despite all the precautions, the developer himself becomes the fault of malware infection. Now only the player is able to help save the virtual reserve and protect the Darvians from the viral threat of destruction.


  • Large open world;
  • Addictive gameplay based on the novel of the same name by Robert C. Wilson;
  • Well-designed graphics and amazing effects.


The player has the opportunity to immerse himself in the gameplay, consisting of puzzles, action elements and real-time strategy. A convenient overview of the terrain allows you to interact with unit programs and launch a certain number of them using the Task Manager. “Mouse gesture” serves as a response to a particular software, when the programs themselves may be limited for use by the number. Evil virus units are represented as enemies in the game, which are always active and multiply rapidly. As with unit programs, some viruses can also have a soul.

The visual design of the world was worked out effectively and spectacularly; Darwinia for Mac OS itself is physically similar to the polygonal sphere inside which intelligent entities reside. Its surface is relatively absent in the game process to improve the observation of the entire network space, the player has access to a pronounced communication thread (World Wide Web). The country's territories are implemented in the form of separate platform islands, each in its own way unique both externally and by purpose; they are separated by the “oceans”, and the rest of the area is connected to the main ports - the portal messenger.

To clear the world of malware, the player will have to visit many of its regions, as well as perform many basic and additional tasks, where the destruction of viruses is not the only goal for the entire passage. Hurry up and download the game, help Dr. Sepulved free the system and restore the former Darwinian population.

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System requirements
  • Power Macintosh G3 or better
  • Mac OS X 10.2 or later
Darwinia Mac Game Download
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