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Deep Shredder 11
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Deep Shredder 11

Puzzle / 2007
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Deep Shredder 11 is the new version of the iconic chess trainer for Mac OS. The player can choose the type of game, for example, play against Shredder artificial intelligence or solve a chess problem. For more fun, Shredder can play as a human chess player with different levels of experience. He is even capable of intentionally making mistakes typical of humans.

Due to the improved analysis system, which evaluates the opponent’s strategy more realistically, the program is able to choose an opponent according to the level of experience. It also tracks the user's game and offers various tips for selecting effective tactics. The game is suitable for those who want to significantly increase the level of the game of chess.


  • A variety of training modes and game options;
  • Free one-year access to the playchess portal, where you can compete on the network;
  • A book containing player statistics;
  • A database with information about completed and active parties.


The game combines a high level of chess and an intuitive interface. Deep Shredder 11 has an improved chess engine compared to other games in this series. The program automatically checks the user's games for errors, while the built-in coach will warn the player if he makes a mistake. And the Shredder book gives complete statistical information about each move played in this position.

The artificial intelligence of the game is able to offer and accept draws. Individual adjustment of the chess engine is also available, so the program will be interesting for both beginner players and grandmasters. Every day the player is provided with chess puzzles with three difficulty levels and the “Tip of the Day” function. To measure their own strengths, a player can play rating games against various computer opponents.

The game interface on Mac OS is easy to use and can be customized for the player. In this version of the game, a graphical display of the history of the game and an additional digital chess clock are available. To facilitate the game, the user can use special arrows that show threats, hints, the best movements for the figures. The player who decides to download the game will have access to six different sets of pieces and chessboards in both 2D and 3D.

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Deep Shredder 11 Mac Game Download
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