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Strategy / 2003
  • Developer:
    Nival Interactive
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  • Platform:
    Universal Binary
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BlitzKrieg is a real-time strategy computer game. For the development of the project is responsible studio Nival Interactive. The publisher was 1C cdv Software Entertainment. The release took place in March 2003.

The BlitzKrieg storyline for Mac OS is built on the events of the Second World War. The player will go through the campaign of its main participants: the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, as well as the United States and Great Britain. In addition, the game will have non-factional factions of countries such as Italy, Finland, Poland and France. The game covers a huge time period and transfers the player to different time periods of the Second World War.


  • Several large campaigns;
  • Side missions;
  • Over 200 different combat units;
  • Historically accurate storylines;
  • Over ten add-ons, as well as many custom add-ons and modifications;
  • Good graphic component;
  • Online game.


The gameplay is a classic RTS, where the player will manage the data given to him at the disposal of combat units, as well as capture already built on the map base. The construction of their own buildings is not provided here.

The campaign contains over twenty longplay missions, including battles such as Operation Barbarossa, the Battle of Stalingrad, the Battle of Kursk and others.

The game has a special rank system: completing missions, the user accumulates experience, after which he moves to a "new level". By increasing the rank, the player gets control of a larger number of units. In addition, the units themselves with successful battles gain experience and new levels. This affects such characteristics as: accuracy, reload speed, movement speed, damage, etc.

Another distinguishing feature of the game is the presence of an encyclopedia of weapons. In it, the user can learn about all the features and characteristics of a particular combat unit. In the future, this will help to most effectively dispose of controlled units and get out of battles with minimal losses.

The developers introduced a network mode in BlitzKrieg on Mac OS, where, having chosen the desired side, players can compete with each other. The game also provides for the staging by users of a historically authentic battle. BlitzKrieg is recommended to Download to all fans of the series, lovers of historical strategies, as well as fans of projects such as Stalingrad, Caribbean Crisis and Coyotes: Law of the Desert.

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System requirements
  • MacOS 10.4
  • G4 / G5 or MacIntel with 860 Mhz
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 32 MB video RAM (GMA 950 supported)
  • 6 GB hard drive space
BlitzKrieg Mac Game Download
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