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Half-Life: Decay
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Half-Life: Decay

First-person shooter / 2001
  • Developer:
    Gearbox Software
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    Intel only
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    Not required
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Half-Life: Decay on Mac OS is an add-on mod for the classic first-person shooter called Half-Life, created by Gearbox Software.

The game's plot is built parallel to the plot of the main part of Half-Life. The action takes place between Gina Cross and Colette Green - two colleagues of the physics-theoretical research complex of Gordon Freeman.

The task of the two partners is to monitor the proper quality of the equipment used by the scientists during the experiment. In addition, they are responsible for the safety and security of the creators and leaders of this kind of mission.

One of Gordon's assistants, Gina Cross, discovers an unknown form that caused the famous incident in the first part. After cascading bioresonance, each of them must fight for survival along with Gordon Freeman. The assistants try to help Rosenberg get to the surface in order to call the military to evacuate people from the Black Mesa complex. Under the leadership of Professor Keller, they plan to activate a specially equipped satellite, which Gordon will later launch in the Half-Life series for Mac OS, and also seek to minimize the impact of cascade resonance on the experiment.


The gameplay is based on a joint passage using a system of two screens, which is unusual for story-driven shooters of this level. The game can only be started with two players present, which is unique to the Half-Life series.

Dividing the plot into missions called chapters. The game plot is divided into 9 chapters, as well as an additional bonus mission after the last chapter.

For the first time, the story is narrated from the perspective of supporting characters - two female assistants Gina Cross and Collette Green.

Close interaction of players during the passage of the game. It is not uncommon for players to have a large number of puzzles and riddles that they will have to overcome together. Attention is also paid to combat situations designed for cooperative passage.

Game process

Everything is tied to the cooperative passage. However, it is worth noting that the game has a rating system, and the players themselves receive ratings after each completed mission. You can get completely different grades: excellent, good, bad and terrible. The grade that will be affixed at the end depends on the quality of your passage of a particular mission. This is influenced by the quality of combat and the amount of damage you received, as well as the number of opponents you killed and much more. In the case of completing missions with the highest game rating, players will have the opportunity of an additional mission in which they will act as aliens - Vortigaunts.

Players who choose to Download the game have a wide variety of weapons available, in addition to some used in the Half-Life series. In addition, in the bonus mission for the aliens, you can use ball lightning shots, as well as strikes with sharp claws. Moreover, when using ball lightning, the health of Vortigaunts is significantly increased.

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  • Core Duo 1.6 Intel X3100
Half-Life: Decay Mac Game Download
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