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Governor of Poker
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Governor of Poker

Puzzle / 2008
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Governor of Poker is a gambling and poker simulator for Mac OS. This project belongs to the class of timekillers, since spending time playing with bots (AI) you can safely spend a couple of hours with interest in building tactics of the game and improving skills.

Poker is one of the most popular card games. Since the advent of the Internet made it possible to play with people all over the world, and not just between friends, gambling simulators began to develop very quickly. They became more widespread than other genres because they were multiplatform. You can play from any device, and the game does not require a permanent Internet connection. If this is not possible, you can play with artificial intelligence.


The Governor of Poker contains the simplest mechanics of card games, because most of them are similar to each other. The only distinguishing feature is the presence of a semblance of an RPG system. The player needs to earn rating points and in-game currency in order to gain access to new tournaments and unlock new locations. The game has only 13 locations, but made in the style of the wild west, conveying the whole atmosphere of the times of cowboys and bandits.

Each game will force the player to improve his playing skills and calculate each move better and better. To increase your place in the global list of players, you need to gain experience and act during the game in the most correct way for your victory in the next game. As you progress through the tournament, the smartest opponents will meet, and the moves will need to be calculated much more carefully. Moving higher and higher, the user will be closer to the title of "King of Poker".

As in many games (not only card games), the fast mode is implemented here. It allows you to play without making any changes to the user's progress in the campaign. In the settings, you can specify all the parameters of the playing field.

For a combination of cards, special medals are given, that is, achievements. All player awards are indicated in his profile, in a special section.

The most widespread and popular poker mode is Texas Hold'em. With every victory, the stakes go up, so if you stick to successful tactics and win, you can do a good job of raising your rating. To play the game, click Download game.

At the moment, a sequel has been released - Governor of Poker 2, in which the RPG system is more developed, new opportunities have appeared (for example, the acquisition of your own saloons, participation in paid tournaments, and so on). The game on Mac OS is still actively developing and receives a large number of positive reviews.

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  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later
Governor of Poker Mac Game Download
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