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Cross Racing Championship 2005
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Cross Racing Championship 2005

Racing / 2005
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    Invictus Games
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    Intel only
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    Not required
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For those who are tired of mindless car movements on the map, Invictus Games offers a game for Mac OS - Cross Racing Championship 2005 - a racing driver simulator. The game is off-road racing in sports cars with a sense of complete realism from the controls.


Races are held both off-road and on an asphalt road; it all depends on the selected card. During the races you involuntarily admire the amazing mountain scenery, hot deserts, water spray and snow blizzards. Cars are thought out in great detail. The player can personalize his device for himself. A huge number of paints, stickers and tuning elements will make you spend hours watching the modernization without a break.

Not only graphics, but also the technical condition of vehicles is subject to realism. With the appropriate choice of difficulty level, the machine begins to receive damage. It comes to the fact that there is a high probability of ending the race ahead of schedule. A special charm is created by the animation of the pollution or snowiness of the car.

The game boasts a variety of modes: multiplayer, fast race, career, time trial and free mode. You can play both over the network and with friends on the same computer. The main distinguishing feature of the Cross Racing Championship 2005 from other racing games is the ability to play impromptu little sticks. The game starts like a regular race, but the peculiarity is that if a player touches the previous car, he will immediately move into it and will be in front of the player he was following. It opens a large field for imagination. The one who will show all his skill and cunning will win.

The complexity of the game, which can be download on this page, can be increased by adding a strong share of realism. The game allows the player to drive a “real” car, with a clutch and gearbox. The gears are switched with the mouse, but you need to control it, like a real gear lever, moving the mouse in accordance with the gear location in the manual gearbox. The control will be especially difficult, because if you do not squeeze the clutch before switching, you can turn off the engine.

The game has an interestingly implemented replay mode. You can view the race from all angles, even on behalf of the driver. An interesting opportunity to analyze the ride and avoid mistakes in the future.

Although the Cross Racing Championship 2005 is a racing game for Mac OS, of which there are many on the Internet, its realism and peculiarity will not leave anyone indifferent.

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Cross Racing Championship 2005 Mac Game Download
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