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BMW M3 Challenge Free Full Version on Macbook

BMW M3 Challenge
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BMW M3 Challenge

Simulation / 2007
  • Developer:
    Blimey! Games
  • Release:
  • Version:
    v 1.1
  • Platform:
    Intel only
  • Tablet:
    Is present
  • Interface language:

The BMW M3 Challenge is an exception to the rule. As a rule, free games are a second-rate product, if developers do not want to receive a reward for the work done, then it does not represent value. Basically, these are third-tier games, or simple little time killers. We live in times when even the most modest indie project has to be paid, and sometimes it’s even stupid to hope for a gift from above.

BMW M3 Challenge is a game for Mac OS in the genre of car simulator with good graphics, and the most important thing is that it has an official license from a world-famous company BMW. The very idea of ​​such a thought seems absurd, but it's all true. Absolutely anyone can get the game for free and independently check.

The game is not all perfect, especially considering the fact that it is free and weighs only 345 MB. In fact, this is a promotion specially released for the new BMW M3. There is only one claim to the game - this is the presence of one track. If there were at least a modest set, then given the zero cost, this project would have been much more interesting.

In this game, based on the name, you can ride and try one single car in racing races - BMW M3. A copy of this car looks perfect, it is clear that game designers have worked on full detail and transmitted absolutely everything, even the most insignificant details of the car. The player is available solo races, as well as competitive mode.

The route on which you have to spend time is the German Nurburgring. Everything is done at the highest level, down to the smallest detail. The game and everything shown in it looks very realistic. But many players complained about the lack of game locations, levels, tracks and the variety of competitive races.

The main advantage of the BMW M3 Challenge on Mac OS can be attributed to the fact that the player is presented with his own, brand new BMW M3. It is a pity that it is virtual of course, but even on in-game roads you can appreciate all its advantages, enjoy the movement, beauty and speed.

This project can be recommended to absolutely everyone. It weighs too little to be impossible to download, and even more importantly, it is a high-quality game, the graphics are excellent, the optimization is top-notch, the control of the car was transferred exactly with the original. Of course, you won’t be able to play for a long time, but you should definitely try Download the game, and if you connect the controller in the form of a steering wheel, you can feel like a real racer.

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BMW M3 Challenge Mac Game Download
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