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Pinball HD
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Pinball HD

Puzzle / 2011
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    v 1.2
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    Intel only
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Pinball HD for Mac OS is an arcade pinball game developed by the Russian-Ukrainian company Gameprom. The project turned out to be quite simple, but addictive, therefore it belongs to the genre of "timekillers".


The developers decided not to change the gameplay much, leaving the same familiar pinball that was so popular on slot machines, which later turned into a computer game. The user still has to hit the ball with the lower parts of the "board", throwing it into special zones, getting points. The gameplay is endless, because you can throw the ball in absolutely different ways, gaining more and more score. Thus, you can become the best player and get on the leaderboard.

In this version of the game implementation, there are various board themes. The user can choose the style "Jungle", "AC / DC", "Killer", "Wild West", "Snow" or other. The design of the tables is made in high-resolution 3D graphics, that is, the player can notice that the details are in perspective from him, which gives some aesthetics during the scoring process.

Also, a selective mode of representation of the playing surface was implemented. The board can be viewed in landscape mode, showing it in perspective by tilting away from the player. This mode is a bit unusual, in contrast to the standard portrait mode, because in this form you can more easily navigate the location of the ball and plan the trajectory of its rebound. To change the view, you just need to swipe up or down.

The game on Mac OS has received very good reviews. In 2010, players spoke well of a classic arcade game that could pass the time. The physics of the ball flying across the board is done at a good level; the controls are made as convenient as possible, which can bring a lot of pleasure when playing on one of 10 unique tables made in styles for every user's taste; high quality drawing of details creates the feeling of being at a real mini-pinball table.

The project has found high popularity and has established itself as a worthy option for spending time. People still play Pinball HD by Gameprom, and most importantly, they love it. The company did an excellent job of creating the game in a short time, delighting everyone who Download it.

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  • Mac OS X 10.6.6
Pinball HD Mac Game Download
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