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Let's Golf 2
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Let's Golf 2

Simulation / 2011
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Let's Golf 2 is a golf simulator for Mac OS from Gameloft, released on July 22, 2010. The first part collected a lot of positive reviews, which was the impetus for the creation of a sequel.

Game process

The goal of the game is to hit the hole with the ball. There are six courts and four maps to choose from: Fiji Beach, American Mountains, English Village, Scottish Meadows. In total, there are 108 holes. Each location has its own characteristics and attractions. The choice of character is of great importance. There are eight in total. Each golfer is different in terms of hitting power, accuracy and more. In addition to the standard characteristics, each avatar has a unique skill that can be used at the right time. For example, one can simply hit with a club with increased force, and the other can stop the ball with the power of thought, preventing it from rolling off the lawn. Activating the ability spends some energy, which is replenished over time.

The game begins with a survey of the field from a height. After that, you can choose the desired place for the ball to fall. On the left side of the screen, an indicator of the impact strength and a mark running along it appear. The task is to tap the screen in time when it is in the right position. An identical mini-game will begin next, but to provide a more direct trajectory of the ball. The basic rule is simple - to drive the ball into the hole in the minimum number of strokes. If, after the first hit, the ball does not hit the hole, the player moves to it and hits again. You can play the ball only from the position in which it found itself. In some cases, you can change the stance for a more comfortable strike, but nothing more. Also, before hitting, you need to decide whether to use a special skill of the hero or not.

Several modes can be selected: campaign, quick play and free play. In the passage of a career, the player opens up new courts, heroes and costumes for them. At the very beginning, only two players are available. In free mode, all cards and players are available, but no scoring is carried out. This is a good option for getting to know locations and characters.

There is also a network game where you can compete with your friends. Connection is possible both via the Internet and via Bluetooth, for this you only need to Download the game.

As befits projects from the Gameloft company, in Let's Golf 2 on Mac OS the graphics are executed at a high level. The models are detailed and bright. Stylistically, the project looks cartoonish and fun. Each golfer has a unique look and set of skins.

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  • Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later
Let's Golf 2 Mac Game Download
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