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Fantastic Checkers
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Fantastic Checkers

Puzzle / 2012
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    v 1.0.5
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    Intel only
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Fantastic Checkers for Mac OS brings the traditional checkers game to life. The rules are basically the same as in the board game, although being able to make the computer do the job of moving the chips makes the game smoother. Two-player mode means friends can play against each other, while the "Christmas theme" mode uses Christmas cookies as checkers, and adds a sense of holiday fun combined with Christmas-themed music that is sure to give players good New Year spirit.

The game has beautiful graphics, nice background music and perfectly tuned artificial intelligence with many levels of play. If a gamer is a checkers fan, then he will definitely like this game.


  • Artificial intelligence with 3 levels of play (beginner, intermediate and expert);
  • Ability to disable Force Jumps;
  • Two themes (Classic checkers and Christmas cookies).


The main goal in Fantastic Checkers is to move pieces in diagonal movements in order to capture enemy pieces by jumping over them. The winner of the game is the player with the last pieces on the board. In the main game window, the user can instantly launch the game or open the settings window. There he can choose between the "1 player" or "2 players" game modes and choose which player has the first move advantage.

Games begin on an 8x8 board with 12 pieces on each side, where all pieces can only move and capture diagonally forward. However, if a piece is "crowned", it can move both forward and backward. The player can win the game by capturing all of the opponent's pieces or by leaving the opponent without moves.

The in-game display on Mac OS helps you keep track of a player's and opponents' scores, as well as see who's turn to go first. Thanks to the How to Play menu, you can read and learn the rules of the game in just a couple of minutes. Going into the "Options" menu, you can turn on or off the music and sound effects, change the difficulty of the opponent to "Beginner", "Medium" or "Expert". By deciding to Download the game, the player will be able to switch between the two game themes and enable the Force Jumps option. Fantastic Checkers can be played in both windowed and full screen mode.

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  • Mac OS X8 or later
Fantastic Checkers Mac Game Download
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