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Gang Beasts
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Gang Beasts

Action / 2017
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    v 0.0.3
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    Intel only
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Gang Beasts on Mac OS was created as a relaxing, non-strategic multiplayer game for parties with dark gelatinous characters, brutal action sequences set in an absurd dangerous environment that unfolds on the evil streets of Beef City.

The player will have to customize the characteristics of his character and fight with local and online enemies in hand-to-hand combat or fight with friends against the gangs of Beef City in the gang game mode.

Battles take place on various maps, differing in the level of difficulty and methods of destroying the enemy. For example, when fighting on moving trucks, you should beware of road signs, on a flying airship there is a great chance to slip and fall, and in the subway you can be thrown under a running train.


  • Multiplayer mode, the ability to play simultaneously for 4 to 8 players;
  • Bright interface;
  • Various maps;
  • Great animation of the movements of the soldiers.


Gang Beasts is a 'beat them all' multiplayer game with gelatinous characters, hand-to-hand combat and dangerous environments, set in the fictional metropolis of Beef City. You can Download it from this page in a few seconds. At the initial stage, it contained eight multiplayer stages.

The main gameplay involves the use of various physical abilities, such as punching or kicking an opponent until he is knocked out, and then trying to knock him out of the map or into other dangerous zones. Opponents who have been knocked down are not completely defenseless as they can fight back in order to be freed.

In order to force the character to perform an action, you need to press the button, in some cases you need to hold the button for a few seconds. The characteristics of all characters are the same, but it is possible to change their appearance. A change of costume and hat makes each character unique. The game for Mac OS has several game modes, among them the ability to arrange football matches, where each team has two players, and a cooperative mode in which a team of four people oppose waves of enemies under the guidance of artificial intelligence.

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  • Mac OSX 10.8.5
Gang Beasts Mac Game Download
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