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Star Wars Racer
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Star Wars Racer

Racing / 2002
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Star Wars Episode I: Racer is an arcade racing game on Mac OS in the Star Wars universe. Based on the first episode of The Phantom Menace. The project was implemented by LucasArts studio and released in 1999. The purpose of the creation was the desire to create ultra-fast racing. The development proceeded in parallel with the filming of the film. The team only had to be guided by concept art and a short film clip. The soundtrack and characters were almost entirely borrowed from the motion picture. In 2020, the release of the reissue was announced.

Game process

In addition to Skywalker, the player controls 21 riders. Each of them has its own unique transport, differing in appearance, dimensions and technical parameters.

The vehicle used in Star Wars Racer for Mac OS is Sub-Racers. Their design is quite unusual. The cabin outwardly resembles a horse chariot, only jet engines act as a driving force. Each vehicle is equipped with an afterburner system. The use of the system threatens to overheat the engine, which leads to damage. The malfunction can be eliminated directly on the road, but this will have to pay off with a temporary loss of speed.

Damage is also dealt in a collision. Cars are extremely fragile and any collision can lead to an explosion, this does not take out of the competition, but the loss of precious time can lead to defeat. The car is undergoing improvements in the process of passing. For victories in tournaments, they give local currency, with which you can buy improvements. The upgrades are important as they significantly affect the behavior of the iron horse on the road. The handling is responsive and makes it easy to control your car at super speeds.

Arrivals take place at high speeds in various locations. There are both terrains from the film and their own unique locations. There are eight planets: Tatooine, Mon-Gazza, Ando-Prime, Aquilaris, Malastare, Uvo-4, Ord-Ibanna, Berunda. There are 25 tracks in total on the planets. Locations differ from each other not only in decorations. Each track has its own characteristics: on the snowy planets, the driver is waiting for icy lakes and secret cuts, which can be discovered by breaking through the ice wall, on others you can find moving objects and traps.

There are five modes to choose from: tournament, time trial, single race, game for two, multiplayer. The opening of new tracks, racers and improvements is only available in the tournament. The multiplayer is designed for the participation of eight players who decide to Download the game.

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