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Age of Mythology
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Age of Mythology

Strategy / 2002
  • Developer:
    Ensemble Studios
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  • Version:
    v 1.0
  • Platform:
    Intel only
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    Not required
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Age of Mythology for Mac OS is an offshoot of the Age of Empires video game series and is therefore primarily inspired by the myths and legends of the Greek, Egyptian and Scandinavian peoples. Real historical events are thrown aside and are not considered. Elements of the gameplay are very similar to what was earlier in Age of Empires. In the story campaign, players observe Arkantos, the admiral of Atlantis, and he travels across three lands of different cultures to find the Cyclops, an ally of Poseidon, who is plotting a disaster on Atlantis.

As a naval commander and hero of many wars, Arkantos returns home to Atlantis after several years of uninterrupted wars. He really wants to see Castor - his son. But the lord Krios with advisers orders him to immediately go to Troy, since Agamemnon needs help in the upcoming war. However, during a briefing on a mythical island, a daring attack of kraken and bandits on pirate ships called the Black Sails takes place. The attack is led by the Kamos minotaur, the archenemy of Arkantos.

After the attack, a valuable artifact was stolen, a trident disappeared from the statue of Poseidon. Admiral decides to raid a gangster settlement, located nearby. The trident was recaptured and restored, it remains to return it to its place. Camos fled, but longs for revenge very soon. Arkantos, after a swift return, sets off on his journey; he leaves Castor and Atlantis behind him.

The gameplay of Age of Mythology for Mac OS, as in the previous games of the series, is based on several rules: defeat an enemy unit, destroy its cities, create your own army, build a city, train residents in agriculture and military affairs. Simply put, this is the only way to defeat a rival civilization or city. The player is given a tribe that is controlled by him, then there is a promotion of four centuries. First, the archaic Greek era passes, then the transition to the classics, and then heroic and mythical epochs ensue. With each new coming century, technologies are opening up that strengthen the settlement, and new fighters.

There are only three game cultures: Norwegians, Egyptians and Greeks. Each is unique in its own way, and they are led by the main gods - Odin, Ra and Zeus. Before starting the passage, one of them is selected. But all of them offer the player their help in the form of unique technologies, mythical units and, if not strange, divine power. In addition to the main pantheon, there are also younger gods, they are a little less significant. To learn more about divine beings, you need to Download the game, and begin the passage.

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