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Age of Empires I
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Age of Empires I

Strategy / 1997
  • Developer:
    Ensemble Studios
  • Release:
  • Version:
    v 1.0
  • Platform:
    PPC only
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Age of Empires I on Mac OS is a real-time historical strategy game released in open access in 1997. She immediately won the attention of users. The direction of the strategy - the Ancient World and Antiquity - was an excellent solution, in addition, a simple interface, an unobtrusive menu and a high-quality field for the game allowed players to fully enjoy the creation of Assemble Studio. The game offers us several modes: Random Map, Campaign, Mortal Kombat and Scenarios.

If you just Download to your computer and begin your journey to conquer the Ancient World, or just want to have a good time, then Random Game is the perfect choice. The first thing you need to choose a civilization, they are here for every taste: from ancient Japan to Egypt. They can be divided into 5 subspecies: Egyptian, Middle Eastern, Far Eastern, Greek, Roman. Each of them is distinguished by a type of architecture, an interface designed as a bas-relief, and Wonders of the World. It is worth considering that each nation has its own advantages, so that, having decided to win peacefully, the Hittites (well-aimed arrows) are unlikely to be able to help. Each nation has its own technology and units, but places for them are limited - only 50.

Initially, players are given only 3 people and the City Center in the Stone Age. The task is to defeat other civilizations, and for this there are 2 ways: to seize the rest of the territory by force or diplomacy: to build the Wonder of the World and protect it from opponents, or to collect all artifacts on the map, and also not to allow enemies to capture them. The first thing to do is to extract resources, there are only 4 types of them: food, wood, stone and gold. With their help, you can develop civilization: build houses, discover new technologies, train units.

After the Stone Age, Neolithic comes and its famous revolution: resources begin to run out, and you have to grow everything yourself with the help of farms. All buildings are also changing, they become more comfortable for living and working in them. At this time, it is worth paying attention to the number of workers in different directions (there may be too many soldiers, but there may not be enough gold miners), and it is important to observe this balance. In parallel with this, it is necessary to begin trade with other civilizations. And if you harmoniously develop all areas, then winning is not difficult.

In the campaign you can observe the realistic development of civilizations. This helps to go much deeper into the history of the Ancient World. If you want to get something between a casual game and a campaign, you need to select the Scenarios mode. The game on Mac OS is very exciting, with a well-developed economy and military affairs, design and music, which helps to immerse yourself in the historical atmosphere.

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System requirements
  • MacOs 8.0.1, OS 9.2
  • 32 Mb RAM
  • 0.15 GB free disk space
Age of Empires I Mac Game Download
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This game will work under any 10.x.x system (except for Leopard 10.5, of course - for Leo the “classic” is no longer emulated) ONLY if Classic mode is installed with MacOs 9.2 installed.