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The Sims 1
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The Sims 1

Simulation / 2000
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    v 1.0
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    PPC/Intel universal
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The Sims 1 is a life simulator for Mac OS where players take care of virtual characters. The game was developed by a team from Maxis, and Electronic Arts was responsible for publishing. The release took place in 2000.

Starting the game for the first time, the player must complete training in the Newby family, they have just moved to the city, and they need help to get used to it. In total, five ready-made families live in the virtual city, which the player can take under control if there is no desire to engage in the creation of his character. The ready-made heroes already have ready-made houses, accumulated money, work, etc.

Gamers can Download the game, and create their own character from scratch, choosing gender, skin color, clothes, hairstyle, makeup, main character traits, etc. You can start the passage with one hero or create a large family of up to eight people. Having created a family, the player is transferred to the city map, where he is offered to buy a finished house or plot. The initial capital of the new unit of society is 20,000 Simoleons, which is enough only for a modest house with the most necessary furniture. After settling, it is necessary to get the wards to work so that they can improve their home, buy good food, hire staff, etc.

Heroes can build friendships and romantic relationships, this requires a lot of communication and communication. Sims can get married and have a child who, when they grow up, will also become your ward. Sims can also become enemies, dislike each other when they meet, and even fight.

Players in The Sims 1 on Mac OS need to keep track of their Sims' vital signs: food, toilet, sleep, comfort, entertainment, communication, hygiene, and coziness. The last indicator can be replenished by cleaning the room and placing paintings and statues in it. If you forget about the needs of the character, he will fall into stress, refuse to follow the given commands, will loudly scream and wave his hands, and then he may die altogether.

Sims cannot grow up and die of old age, they can die of hunger, fire or drowning in a pool. After death, the Reaper of Death appears on the site and conducts a burial ceremony. If at this time there are other heroes nearby, they can ask the Reaper to pardon their relative. Of course, if the Sim comes back to life, it will only be in the form of a zombie.

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