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Simcity 4
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Simcity 4

Simulation / 2004
  • Developer:
  • Release:
  • Version:
    v 1.1
  • Platform:
    PPC/Intel universal
  • Tablet:
    The game requires a mounted image
  • Interface language:
    English, Russian

Simcity 4 is a city building simulator for Mac OS developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. The Rush Hour add-on was also released, adding opportunities in the form of road system and transportation development.


In terms of gameplay, the game is similar to a simulator for creating an ideal city. In the construction of the city to be ruled, you can choose 3 game modes: god mode, mayor and sim.

First, you need to find the right landscape, arranging various volcanic eruptions, floods and other disasters to shape the territory. After finishing work on the terrain, the god mode stops working.

Then the player will take on the role of the mayor of the city, erecting buildings that play a role for the residents. To start building, you need to distribute the territory into areas: residential, commercial and industrial. Residential buildings, corporate headquarters, supermarkets and similar structures may already be created there. In this role, the user has to spend most of the time.

You need to Download the game, and keep track of the budget that will be spent on the development of the transport system, utilities and more. We also need to allocate money from the budget to support schools, hospitals, parks, police stations and other places in the city. The economy means a lot to improve the city, because the main process of the game is fixed on it. The main thing is to correctly distribute the budget and the settlement will flourish, eventually reaching the level of a metropolis.

Other cities play an important role in comparison with the previous parts of the series. There is the possibility of exchanging resources and services, which can be useful in the absence of local development.

In sim mode, the player does almost nothing: it is possible to simply create residents who will live in designated houses and go through their life paths. They will start families, find jobs, move to other cities and perform other actions that the user cannot control. Their behavior depends on the state of the city, both materially and socially. Sims can be helpful in providing information on problems in the neighborhoods for quicker resolution.

As an innovation, the developers have ported the game to a new 3D engine, which is a great progress. But for better performance, the camera is fixed in one position, only creating the effect of polygonal transport and buildings. There was also a change of day, adding the ability to see the city, both at night and during the day.

The game for Mac OS received a high score of 9 out of 10 according to IGN, which marked a big step in the development of the series. Users also liked the game and the add-ons to it, which made SimCity popular today.

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System requirements
  • Mac OS X 10.2.8
  • PowerPC G4 / G5 Processor 700 MHz or higher
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 2 GB of free hard disk space
  • 32 MB video adapter (ATI Radeon 7500 or Nvidia GeForce 2MX)
Simcity 4 Mac Game Download
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  • Size: 2.01 GB
  • Downloads: 3 221
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