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The Sims 2: Super Collection Free Full Version on Macbook

The Sims 2: Super Collection
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The Sims 2: Super Collection

Simulation / 2019
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    v 1.2.2
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    Apple macOS X
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The Sims 2: Super Collection is a collection for Mac OS that contains the full game, six expansions, and 3 sets of items and designs. The edition contains: Open for Business, Nightlife, Family Fun Stuff, Seasons, Glamor Life Stuff, University, Happy Holiday Stuff, Bon Voyage, Pets. The Sims 2 is the sequel to one of the best-selling games of all time and is even better than its predecessor. There are quite a lot of players who prefer to spend time caring for virtual wards.

The first innovation that catches the eye is the composition of the game world. There are quarters here again, but they are arranged differently. The game has three ready-made zones, with pre-prepared stories and families. The player can start living independently, or according to a given scenario. Familiar family names will appear in one of the districts. A number of different templates are available to define the basic character of the landscape. We change the landscape itself, as well as existing cities. Their fate is completely subordinate to the player. There is an option to use maps from SimCity 4.

The quality and duration of a Sim's life depends on fulfilling their desires and soothing their fears. These desires and fears are caused, among other things, by the choice of aspirations. A Sim with a desire for family wishes a speedy birth of a child, happy family relationships. He wants to quickly teach the child to walk and talk. A Sim's pursuit of romance is often quite chaotic and takes many forms. He constantly wants to make love, be it with a stable partner or someone else, or better with several different lovers, whose gender does not matter. In The Sims 2: Super Collection for Mac OS, you can marry homosexuals who can only have a child through adoption and choose an infant, toddler, or schoolboy.

If Sims' fears are justified, the aspiration meter will diminish and the character's life will be fleeting and full of drama, especially when combined with the low mood indicator, which reflects the cumulative satisfaction of basic needs: hunger, fatigue, cleanliness, social life, satisfaction with the environment. You can drive your Sim crazy, temporarily or permanently. When the character goes crazy, he is visited by one of the NPCs in the game - a special psychiatrist sim comes down from the sky to determine the severity of the situation.

On the contrary, fulfilling the desires of your Sims can provide them with a fulfilling and long life. In addition, from adolescence, when all the aspirations of a Sim have already been finally determined, you can receive points for fulfilling each desire. These points are redeemed for special objects with unique functions, for example, a device for making smart milk for babies, after which they will learn new things faster, or a tree that produces simoleons and the elixir of youth. This bundle contains every DLC and add-on ever released for The Sims 2, which can be download from this page.

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  • Apple macOS X 10.9.2 or later
The Sims 2: Super Collection Mac Game Download
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