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SimCity: Complete Edition Free Full Version on Macbook

SimCity: Complete Edition
12.0 GB

SimCity: Complete Edition

Simulation / 2015
  • Developer:
    Maxis Emeryville
  • Release:
  • Version:
    v 1.0
  • Platform:
    Intel only
  • Tablet:
    K'ed -DAY
  • Interface language:
    Russian, English, MULTI

SimCity: Complete Edition is a Mac OS edition that includes: the original version of the game, the Cities of Tomorrow expansion, and new elements such as an Amusement Park, airships, French, English and German cities.

SimCity is an economic city planning manager. The project was released on March 5, 2013, Maxis worked on its development, and Electronic Arts took on the role of publisher. The developers have tried to bring many new mechanics to their game, expand the range of buildings and make the world more lively and rich. Their work was praised by critics and the media, and millions of gamers around the world continue to spend their time in SimCity.

The gameplay of the game is not much different from the previous parts. The gamer creates his city from scratch, selects and corrects the landscape, lays roads, provides electricity and water, and also builds houses for residents. The game allows you to make your fantasies come true and build a unique metropolis. Industrial locations, roads, infrastructure, entertainment, and cultural buildings can be placed anywhere and anywhere.

Naturally, a game for Mac OS has its own conventions, for example, dirty industrial centers should be located away from residential areas, there should be fire stations, police and hospitals. All this affects the mood and population of the city. People who are happy stay alive and help development. They go to work and pay taxes, from which the further type of metropolis is formed. If you do not follow the conventions and do not give the townspeople what they need, they will leave, or start a riot. All in all, SimCity's gameplay is very simple, but incredibly varied. Each new settlement will be unique and unlike the previous one. The gamer must think over his actions and try not to make mistakes.

It is impossible not to note the colossal work of Maxis on graphics and sound. The developers tried to make the game not only interesting, but also beautiful. Every texture, detail, inhabitant and part of the landscape is drawn with the utmost care. Gamers will be interested in observing their inhabitants, what they live and what they do. A good picture makes it pleasant to look at. The sound component is made with the same responsibility and hard work. The city sounds alive, and the soundtrack helps you immerse yourself in the gameplay and atmosphere.

SimCity: Complete Edition is an incredibly popular game that everyone should Download. The series has earned a well-deserved fan base and critical acclaim. Spending time in such a project will be interesting for absolutely everyone.

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System requirements
  • Processor Speed 2.2 GHz
  • RAM 4 GB
  • 12 GB free disk space
  • Videcart no lower than: Radeon HD 2600, GeForce 8800, HD 3000
  • 256 MB video memory
SimCity: Complete Edition Mac Game Download
  • Status: Verified
  • Size: 12.0 GB
  • Downloads: 428
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