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Kasparov Chessmate
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Kasparov Chessmate

Puzzle / 2003
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    The Learning Company
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    v 1.0.7
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Kasparov Chessmate is a chess simulator for Mac OS where you can play with famous grandmasters. Chess has been one of the most popular intellectual games for a long time. Board games of this kind, and chess in particular, are still a widespread form of cultural recreation and professional sports today. But a board with figures may not always be at hand, but everyone has a phone or a computer. Therefore, chess simulators began to appear in the gaming industry. And one of their best representatives is Kasparov Chessmate. After all, who else but Garry Kasparov is the face of the chess world. This simulator was released with him in cooperation. Kasparov himself acted as a game designer, and he did it just fine.

As you might guess, chess is a rather demanding game in terms of knowledge and experience. Therefore, the simulator has an extensive section dedicated to the training process and teaching the basics of rules and tactics. The rules are retold in an understandable form, point by point. The rest of the theory is given in well-absorbed theses and advice. Describes useful for novice players, and even for amateurs, defense strategies, tactics to take the initiative from the opponent, exits from stalemate positions, etc. All these techniques can be watched live, on the board, in order to better understand the full arrangement of the pieces on the field and to practice against training opponents in using the learned combinations.

The entire gameplay of Kasparov Chessmate on Mac OS is divided into two modes. The first is distinguished by the ability to change the difficulty, use hints, undo your moves and play with unlimited time per move. This is a more casual mode and is more suitable for beginner players. They want to practice more and improve their opponent's level of play. The second mode - "Kasparov's Club" - is a championship consisting of three leagues. Each league differs in the level of play of its members. At the top of the last league, Garry Kasparov himself proudly flaunts. To win the championship as a whole, you need to win consistently in all three leagues, in order to fight the great grandmaster at the end.

It should be said that in the last years of the technological process, computers have learned to masterfully think over moves and put even seasoned players in an unenviable position, not all beginners, and not only chess players, to play against machine code. Kasparov Chessmate has both the opportunity to play a game against your partner on one device, and try your hand at an online battle, for this you first need to Download the game.

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System requirements
  • Computer: Power Mac G3, or more recent.
  • Mac OS 8.6, 9.x or Mac OS X
  • Memory: 64 MB RAM
  • Disk: 50 MB free hard disk space
  • Video: 800x600 supporting millions of colors
  • A CD-ROM drive
Kasparov Chessmate Mac Game Download
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