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40 BigFish - PopCaps games Free Full Version on Macbook

40 BigFish - PopCaps games
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40 BigFish - PopCaps games

Arcade / 2001
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    BigFish Games
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    PPC/Intel universal
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40 BigFish - PopCaps games - collection of 40 games for Mac OS. PopCap Games was founded in 2000 by John Vechi, Brian Feite and Jason Kapalka, when they decided to merge, having already gained development experience in other game companies. Their main goal was to create simple and fun games. Early on in their careers, they became famous for releasing Bejeweled, a project that has sold over 50 million copies to date. One copy is sold every 4.3 seconds. In 2010, the third series of the game was released.

After this success, PopCap Games were able to start experimenting and gradually created many notable projects such as Bookworm, Zuma and Peggle. Today PopCap Games has about 400 employees in offices around the world: Seattle, San Francisco, Vancouver, Dublin, Shanghai, Tokyo. The team has released over fifty games that have won over 100 awards in total. The company received about 40 bids to acquire the rights to film its hit Plants vs Zombies.

Zuma Deluxe is an extremely fast puzzle game developed by PopCap Games and included in this collection. The user moves deeper into the jungle, where ancient temples are hidden. Many traps and dangers hide behind their walls, dodging from which the player must eliminate balls of four colors moving across the screen: yellow, green, red and blue. This is done by rotating the frog statue, releasing colorful balls from its mouth. To collect the caught balls in a chain, you need to place three identical copies next to each other. For each correct knock down, a certain number of coins are added to the final account.

There is a golden hole at the end of the path, reaching it means finishing the level. Fortunately, several simplifications have been implemented: hitting specially designated balls slows down the movement of the chain, deflects it for a few seconds, or causes a specific area of ​​it to explode. The developers have prepared two game modes. The first can be described as completing twenty levels in the shortest possible time. The bar rises as you progress to the next stage. The second format challenges outstanding daredevils. The challenge here is to earn the most points in just one playing section.

Bejeweled 2 on Mac OS is the sequel to the popular puzzle series in 40 BigFish - PopCaps games, featuring the correct placement of colored gems. The first part of the franchise was created by Jason Kapalka himself. Significantly more people were involved in the production of the sequel. The gameplay, somewhat reminiscent of classic Tetris, is limited to moving gems to such places on the playing field so that they are located next to others of the same color. When placed next to them, they disappear, simultaneously causing a chain reaction, additionally replenishing the user's score. There are also special stones (usually hexagonal), the inclusion of which in the combination guarantees the elimination of more elements. The fact of hitting a time bomb also affects the course of the game.

Bejeweled 2 features four game formats. A classic version is provided, as well as a Puzzle mode, which consists in completely clearing the board. Action mode is, first of all, a race against the clock, and in Endless the player tests his skills by rearranging stones until the first failure. In this case, you should remember about creating combinations that ensure the most valuable items fall out, because only such tactics guarantee a large number of points. To get 40 popular games at once, click Download game.

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40 BigFish - PopCaps games Mac Game Download
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