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Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders
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Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders

Simulation / 2013
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    v 1.0.2
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    Intel only
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    Not required
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    English, Russian

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders is a military simulation video game. The project was released on November 29, 2012. It was well received by game critics and the media, and received many positive reviews and ratings. The game was developed by Atypical Games, they tried to do something unique in the already popular genre and they did it.

The gameplay is simple and very interesting. The gamer will control a military plane, shoot enemies and capture certain points. Immediately worth noting is the ease of control and variability of the battle, everything is done with maximum trepidation and soul. Atypical Games tried their best to create the project, they brought in many interesting mechanics, a large assortment of combat vehicles, pumping and much more. The game for Mac OS does not cause irritation, but on the contrary makes you immerse yourself in it. The dynamics of the battle pleases, the gamer simply will not be able to get bored. Every second there are explosions and shooting on the screen, opponents attack and do not give time for a break. The player is required to be attentive and focused on the gameplay, you cannot be distracted, because the enemy does not sleep.

Another strong point of Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders is its graphics. The people responsible for the visual component should be praised separately. Detailing, work on light, animation, special effects, everything is done at the highest level. Military equipment deserves special attention. The developers tried to bring it as close as possible to real counterparts, meticulously drawing every detail. Thanks to this, the gamer is immersed in a military atmosphere and gameplay.

The same serious work was done on the sound component. The main soundtrack fits perfectly into the atmosphere of the project. Shooting, explosions, falls, motor operation sound realistic. It can be seen that Atypical Games did some serious work, they worked hard to beat every detail and tried to make a quality product.

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders on Mac OS is one of the few war games that will delight any player who download it. The gameplay is able to interest from the first minutes, it will give an unforgettable experience and help to spend time with great interest. Games like this are not released very often and are worth paying attention to. Atypical Games took the already well-known military setting with aircraft battles and added new colors to it.

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  • Mac OS X 10.7 or later
Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders Mac Game Download
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