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Racing / 1997
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    Stainless Games
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    Intel only
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    Not required
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Carmageddon is a legendary survival racing video game for Mac OS. The goal of the player in this genre is to destroy rival cars by ramming or using the features of game mechanics: lethal firearms attached to the car body.

The main feature is the variety of tracks: the developers did their best, having worked out 36 tracks for races, each track is on a specific map, there are as many as 11 of them in the game.

After the release of the game, critics and the audience spoke positively about the project, referring to the variety of gameplay and distinctive features of the game mechanics from other games of the time and recommended Download Race.


The player's goal in Carmageddon is to participate in brutal races in fast and agile vehicles. The user will have to test driving skills and take first place among other machines controlled by artificial intelligence. The developers have worked out several ways to defeat the competition: as in other regular races, the race ends when the player reaches the finish line; a tougher option for victory is the destruction of cars by ramming and using other mechanics that allow you to take the first place; the most cruel way to victory is to kill all pedestrians in the location.

Each car at the beginning of the race is assigned a few minutes to complete the race, after the timer expires, the player's or artificial intelligence vehicle is automatically disqualified. The increase in time occurs in several ways: collecting special bonuses scattered across the levels; ramming an enemy or using other methods of destroying a competitor's car; additional time is also given for eliminating pedestrians.

The developers have diversified the gameplay of Carmageddon by adding many unique levels: from city tracks to dark mines and dirty industrial plants, districts. The locations are worked out at the highest level: not just a straight road is presented, but unexpected sharp turns and memorable buildings that will definitely delight fans of survival races.

Carmageddon on Mac OS turned out to be a brutal gameplay that requires the destruction of competitors' cars, killing pedestrians. Therefore, in some countries, people were replaced by the dead or iron robots. However, some countries chose to censor scenes of violence. In Brazil, because of the excess "bloody content", it was banned from sale and distribution.

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