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Mad skills motocross
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Mad skills motocross

Racing / 2011
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Mad skills motocross is an arcade racing game for Mac OS released in 2009 by Turborilla. The developers' project came out extremely successful and was warmly received by gamers. In this game, gamers will take on the role of a racer and participate in various competitions on a motorcycle.

Game process

The gameplay of the races is an adrenaline-pumping racing confrontation on motorcycles in the arcade genre. The player is provided with a decent selection of a wide variety of bikes to compete on. Mad skills is an excellent motorcycle trial with high-quality realistic physics of bike control, the presence of thousands of incendiary tracks so that the player can feel confident on the road and have fun. The game also features an online tournament mode, where you can measure your skills with other players from around the world in exciting motorcycle races.

The game on Mac OS conveys motorcycle physics better than any other racing game on the planet. Players will love the responsiveness of the vehicle. You can fully customize your motorcycle, because the game provides functions for changing equipment, colors, details and other components that change speed and maneuverability.

You can waste a lot of time in this game. Carried away by the gameplay, you can forget about your business and spend several hours fighting rivals. Exciting racing at a crazy pace on cool bikes will appeal to every user who decides to Download the game. Build your dream bike and beat everyone online in Mad skills.

The gameplay is addictive so that the players feel the realism of the movements. Therefore, this game can be considered the best in the world of motorcycle racing simulators. Also in Mad skills motocross you will find tons of content for a large number of hours. The content is varied and will not let you get bored. For example, there are 72 racing tracks in the game. New tracks and maps are added regularly every week.

There is no plot in the game, after all, it's an arcade race. But you can choose a career mode and go with the character on the way to the world cups. Set high goals for yourself, win thousands of races, buy all the available bikes from the store and customize them to your taste in Mad skills motocross.

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System requirements
  • Mixed 2D and 3D with OpenGL
  • 2 Ghz, 512 Mb RAM
  • 8 MB
Mad skills motocross Mac Game Download
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