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Impossible Creatures
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Impossible Creatures

Strategy / 2003
  • Developer:
    Relic Entertainment
  • Release:
  • Platform:
    Intel only
  • Tablet:
    Not required
  • Interface language:
    English, Russian

Impossible Creatures is a Mac OS real-time strategy game from Relic Entertainment, published by Microsoft Game Studios in 2002.


Rex Chance receives a letter from his father, Professor Chainikov, who lives in a remote archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. There he conducts experiments on animals. Arriving on the island, Rex learns that the scientist died at the hands of a certain Upton Gilius. The assistant to the deceased - Lucy Willing introduces the guy to the Sigma project. With the help of it, it became possible to create incredible chimeras from ordinary animals. Using this opportunity, Rex takes the path of revenge on the killer and, leading an army of creatures, enters the war.

Game process

At first glance, Impossible Creatures is a classic RTS for Mac OS. The player who decides to Download the game starts on the map in a certain place with several workers, a headquarters and a couple of heroes. Each of them has its own abilities. Lucy knows how to construct buildings, explore new buildings and extract resources. There are only two types of the latter: coal and electricity. Rex has the skill to collect DNA. The latter is the peculiarity of the local system.

Artificial mutants act as combat units here. A lot of neutral animals wander around the location. By studying them, you can create hybrids, endowing the creature with certain abilities. The design process takes place in a special editor. The body is divided into five parts: head, front and hind legs, torso and tail. Any part is allowed to be replaced, but only within two types. Each limb has its own skills: a scorpion's sting poisons, claws or horns cause damage in melee, and so on. To access stronger and larger specimens, you need to develop your own scientific laboratory.

The task in each mission is to develop your base and defeat the enemy. It all starts with the deployment of the base, which is a flying steam locomotive. After that, the extraction of resources, construction, hunting and battles with enemy units begins. The opponent has one or more bases, moreover, from the start he has an advantage in the form of a more developed headquarters. Higher level buildings must be studied in order to gain access to them. Only a young laboratory assistant can do this. She also conducts sabotage in the enemy camp. After completing the task, a video showing the continuation of the Impossible Creatures storyline is played. Next, disembarkation is carried out on a new island.

Video review
System requirements
  • It was done and launched on:
  • MacBook Pro 2.4 / 4Gb / GF8600M GT
  • OS X 10.6.7 Developer update
  • XQuartz 2.6
  • CiderX / CX Engine
Impossible Creatures Mac Game Download
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