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Resident Evil 6
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Resident Evil 6

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Resident Evil 6 is an atmospheric and dark video game for Mac OS, performed in the genre of survival horror. The main danger for the player is represented by zombies that have infected half of humanity. The developers have created many combat mechanics, and also worked out all the details of the storyline: in some parts of the campaign they overlap. The release date is October 2, 2012. The project has collected average ratings from users and critics. The old team was engaged in development.


  • Complete passage of all four campaigns, taking place simultaneously and in some places overlapping, will be about 25 hours of play, which will definitely delight fans of the Resident Evil series;
  • One of the main features that increase replayability is the presence of several story campaigns. At the end of one, the user has the right to choose another campaign and see the events from a different perspective;
  • The introduction of many combat mechanics and tactics, evading the enemy by rolling back. The combat system allows you to fire in Macedonian style, that is, from two hands at once.


The essence of the gameplay of Resident Evil 6 on Mac OS is to advance through the storyline of the chosen campaign. The player will be confronted by crowds of cold dead and mutants. Depending on the chosen difficulty, ammunition for weapons falls from the zombies: the more difficult the level, the less ammunition.

The improved melee system deserves attention, for which the Download game is worth: now it is possible to inflict a lot of combo attacks, in this part they are enough to fill up a dead man with his bare hands. For close combat, endurance is used, so walking endlessly with bare hands will not work, you will have to retreat and take a short break.

In this part, zombies have grown wiser: now they can pick up firearms or conventional weapons and use them against the player. Especially for this, the developers have added a mechanic that allows you to knock weapons out of your hands and use them against the dead. With the help of such a mechanic, the player can save his own life if a zombie unexpectedly attacked the main character.

The developers have expanded the capabilities of the protagonist: he can dodge blows by rolling; if the zombie knocked the player to the ground, you can slowly crawl away from the enemy and simultaneously fire at him. All this greatly influences the variety of the gameplay and the addictive atmosphere of the game.

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System requirements
  • Intel® CoreTM2 Duo 2.4 GHz
  • RAM 4 GB
  • NVIDIA GeForce 8600 with 512 MB VRAM
  • AMD HD 2600XT and better
Resident Evil 6 Mac Game Download
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