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Thief: Dark Project Gold Edition
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Thief: Dark Project Gold Edition

Stealth / 1999
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    Looking Glass Studios
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    Intel only
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    Not required
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Thief: Dark Project Gold Edition is an enhanced edition for Mac OS that includes three new missions and numerous bug fixes. Thief: Dark Project is a captivating stealth video game with a fantasy-style setting. The plot takes place during the high Middle Ages, the developers offer to play the role of the thief Garrett. The main character's goal is to steal valuables from wealthy citizens. Moreover, the main character regularly saves the population of the city from various kinds of evils that threaten people and their free lives.


  • Qualitative elaboration of stealth mechanics, allowing you to plunge headlong into the atmosphere of a gloomy and harsh world;
  • A wide range of weapons, allowing the maximum to penetrate into the exciting storyline;
  • The soundtrack adjusts the importance or tragedy of some game moments, which makes the gameplay even more enthralling.


Thief's plot is about a homeless boy named Garrett. He lengthens his life only through pickpocketing. One day, on the next day of a homeless boy, an event happened: he tried to get into the pocket of a man who belonged to the secret Order of the Guardians. His name was Artemus, he grabbed Garrett by the hand and offered to join the Order and learn the skills that will help him survive in the harsh medieval world. Garrett agreed, and after training, he goes to the usual life of a thief. You can Download the game and take the role of a professional thief.

The main character's armament includes: sword, club and bow. Each equipment differs in the tasks for which they are intended. For example, a sword is designed to openly kill opponents, or lethal blows from the back. Among the features of this equipment, it should be noted a decrease in movement speed, and also reduces the effectiveness of camouflage. With the sword, you can block enemy attacks and deliver powerful blows that can easily kill unsuspecting enemies.

Using the baton, the protagonist of Thief: Dark Project Gold Edition on Mac OS delivers stunning attacks that do not kill enemies. This feature is important for those who decide to play the game at the highest difficulty level, where any kill of enemies fails the task. However, the enemy turns off only if he does not suspect anything.

Arrows from a bow are designed for a wide variety of purposes: distraction, arrows that promote covert movement and murder. There are also arrows that are put to sleep by releasing a cloud of gas. Moreover, the developers have introduced additional equipment: grenades, mines, holy water and lockpicks.

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  • Intel Mac OSX 10,4 - 10,6
Thief: Dark Project Gold Edition Mac Game Download
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