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TrackMania Original

Racing / 2004
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    v 1.0
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    Intel only
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TrackMania Original is a re-release of the first part of a series of car simulators with arcade elements from Nadeo. It was developed and released in 2005. At the moment it is one of the types of e-sports disciplines.


A feature of the project on Mac OS, like the entire series, is the ability to create your own tracks and car models, due to which the gameplay will not get bored. Traces can take on a style similar to that used in the Stunts project. In addition to the basic editing capabilities, there is also a server setting, that is, adding a record counter, changing the interface design, and so on. Users can apply text formatting, for example, to the names of their nicknames. Provides tremendous opportunities to users by making their own changes through modifications.

The game is divided into single and multiplayer modes. The gameplay is similar to that in the projects of the FlatOut series. It turns out that many of the options will also remind of projects where cars have good drawing of parts and racers can destroy them.

4 types of races can be played alone. In "Race" the task is simple - you just need to beat the records of other riders and get awards for it. "Puzzle" offers the player to build a special track of blocks and overcome this path in a minimum amount of time. In the "Platform", you should use as few reconstructions as possible at checkpoints while driving along the track. "Stunts" give the player the opportunity to perform all sorts of stunts, hone their driving skills and receive rewards for it.

Things are a little different with multiplayer in TrackMania Original for Mac OS. Here the emphasis is on the standard mode, or rather, it was divided into several varieties. "Race against the clock" - the same usual race among players, where you need to finish in the allotted time (there are also first, second and third places). "I'm going to overtake" - a competitive mode in which the player must score a specified number of points. "Cup" - there are several winners, where, upon reaching the end of the path, the user becomes an observer. "Team mode" allows users to form teams and win races, gaining a certain number of points for each victory (lasts several rounds). "Stunts" - a combination of the standard and the same-name type of game, where the drivers have to score points (analogous to the time allotted for the passage of the map), and then go to the finish line: whoever has more points left wins.

Were added new types of games and the addition "Power Up", adding about a hundred new elements for the construction of tracks. Compared to the previous part of TrackMania Sunrise, this part of the series has not changed much. But users are still recommended to Download TrackMania Original, and try themselves as a racer by playing this project.

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  • Processor: 450 MHz
  • RAM: 64 MB
  • Graphics: 32 MB
  • Hard Disk Space: 430 MB
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