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Trackmania United Forever
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Trackmania United Forever

Racing / 2008
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    v 2.11.11
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    Intel only
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    Not required
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    English, Russian

Trackmania is an arcade car racing game from studio Nadeo. The first part was published on November 28, 2003. United Forever was released on April 15, 2008 and combined all the previous games in the series. Trackmania for Mac OS is an esports discipline with regular tournaments.

Game process

Races take place on varied, insane tracks with loops, counter turns, jumps and ultra-fast sections.

There are many modes to choose from for single and multiplayer games. In regular races, the goal is to break records and earn medals. In the puzzle, you first need to build a track passing through the check points and go through it as quickly as possible. A limited number of parts are used for construction. In the platform, to get the maximum score, you need to drive difficult sections using the minimum number of recovery. In stunts, before reaching the finish line, you have to complete the maximum number of somersaults.

In multiplayer, racers compete against the clock, compete for the cup in a wide variety of conditions. On each server, the rules are defined by the administrator. There is the possibility of team competition.

There is no contact with rivals, instead of a collision, the cars slip through. This is not an oversimplification. In order to reach the end, you have to use mindfulness and reaction at full power. In such conditions, accidents would only annoy and interfere with the enjoyment of the process.

Several types of vehicles are provided for management, each with its own unique appearance and driving characteristics. Unique physics allows you to get up on the road unthinkable turns. The car reacts to actions logically correctly, if, when breaking off from the track, you touch an unevenness or hook an edge, then somersaults and departure are ensured. But there are times when this is not used to its advantage. In the menu, the difficulty of the tracks is indicated by a color: the darker it is, the more difficult it is. Each of them requires detailed study and getting used to.

The built-in editor Trackmania United Forever on Mac OS allows you to create your own levels, freely adjust all the nuances, and write scripts. Director mode allows you to record your performance and lay it out for general viewing. Created materials can be download from the workshop and installed at home. Also, craftsmen make various car models.

Video review
System requirements
  • Mac OS X 10.5.x
  • 1 GB of memory
  • 128 MB of video memory (goes well on the GMA X3100 and even on the GMA 950!)
Trackmania United Forever Mac Game Download
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