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Vampire The Masquerade Redemption Free Full Version on Macbook

Vampire The Masquerade Redemption
1.88 GB

Vampire The Masquerade Redemption

RPG / 2000
  • Developer:
    Nihilistic Software
  • Release:
  • Version:
    v 1.1
  • Platform:
    Intel only
  • Tablet:
    Not required
  • Interface language:

Not only criminals and maniacs lurk in the darkness of the night, sometimes a person can meet more dangerous creatures for whom darkness is their usual habitat. In Vampire The Masquerade Redemption on Mac OS, vampire clans have lived alongside humans since the beginning of time and operate under cover of night. But they are not only interested in human blood and other livelihoods. There is a tense struggle for power between the vampire clans, and its members use any means to achieve the goal. The player will have to Download the game, take part in this secret war and take the side of one of the warring clans. During the campaign, he will face formidable opponents who are considered the best fighters among their relatives and are not afraid of a good fight.

The main character was one of the best crusaders and defended ordinary people from the creatures of darkness. Later he defeated one of the most powerful vampires and became a folk hero for the inhabitants of the whole Czech Republic. But the head of one of the vampire clans decided that such an ally would definitely come in handy for her and turned him into a bloodsucker. When Christoph was reborn, he became even stronger than before and now posed a serious threat to other nocturnal clans. Led by Catherine, the head of his house, he radically changed the existing balance of power and significantly strengthened the political positions of the Buyan clan. Many famous vampire warriors fell at his hands and now few dared to challenge him.

During the campaign in Vampire The Masquerade Redemption for Mac OS, the player will be able to get acquainted in more detail with the world of vampires, its foundations, codes of law, hierarchy and life credo. This is a very gloomy and cruel world where the strongest survive, and the weak must drag out a miserable existence. If a clan member makes a mistake or misconduct, he goes down to the very bottom of the hierarchical ladder, and will not be able to return back. Such conditions breed mutual distrust, paranoia and even deep hatred that can mature for centuries. Christophe accepts the rules of this game and becomes a ruthless and cunning night assassin who has reached a very high position in his House. However, he remains true to his principles and prefers not to shed blood in vain.

Overall, Vampire The Masquerade Redemption turned out to be quite interesting and dynamic. The player is constantly surrounded by an atmosphere of anxiety and mystery. He must remain attentive and ready for anything. Indeed, in the world of vampires, only an experienced predator can survive, who will not allow himself to be made a victim.

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System requirements
  • PowerPC G3/300 or faster;
  • 128 MB RAM;
  • Mac OS 8.6 or higher;
  • 765 MB hard drive space;
  • 8 MB VRAM
Vampire The Masquerade Redemption Mac Game Download
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  • Size: 1.88 GB
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