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Sacred Gold
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Sacred Gold

Action / 2004
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  • Version:
    v 2.28
  • Platform:
    Intel only
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    Not required
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Sacred Gold is a Mac OS edition containing the base game and an add-on called Underworld. Sacred is a huge world full of incredible magic and ancient myths. Players will have to choose one of 6 playable characters with individual combat skills.


  • Epic story with 30 main missions and 200 secondary tasks;
  • Freedom of movement. At the beginning of the game, more than 70% of the world is available for exploration. The remaining 30% will open gradually as you progress;
  • 16 different regions, including locations with rainforests, ice plains, mountains, deserts, catacombs and more;
  • 6 unique characters with different fighting style, special abilities, spells and appearance;
  • Two characters - a seraphim and a vampire, are completely new for RPG fans;
  • Fights on horseback, fights with the use of magic, melee and ranged combat;
  • Ability to combine spells and weapons into new special techniques;
  • The blacksmith can combine items to create new, stronger weapons and armor;
  • Saving the character. You can start a new game with an already experienced hero and try out a higher level of difficulty;
  • 2 multiplayer modes: cooperative and general. Co-op play for up to 16 players online or over the Internet.


Players in Sacred Gold must decide whether to choose a battle mage, seraphim, wood elf, gladiator, dark elf, or vampire. The game offers more than 30 story quests and 200 off-story missions, as well as bonus missions, the ability to ride and fight on horses, 300 unique NPCs and more than 2500 types of weapons and armor, taking into account the mastery of blacksmiths, rare and unique samples. The game supports multiplayer mode for up to 16 players.

The Underworld add-on for Mac OS has significantly expanded the game world, introduced two more hero classes, a whole arsenal of new weapons and hordes of enemies. Players can Download the game, and go through new quests with their characters from Sacred, as well as choose two new heroes: Demon and Gnome, and go through the original game with them.

Dwarves are known for their tenacity and belligerence and can use their ax like no other. To fight from a distance, the gnome is armed with a musket and a cannon. The demon is a true creature of the underworld, can change shape and is not only a powerful sorcerer, but also an excellent warrior.

The characters are waiting underground and much more dangerous enemies, they will have to cross swords with the "warriors of the shadows", the personal protection of the Demon rulers, shoot skilled Amazonian archers and fight with pygmy mummies. After many adventures above and below the surface of the earth, the player finally finds himself in front of the very gates of hell.

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System requirements
  • OS: Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard / Mac OS X 10.4.11 Tiger
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • Video: nVidia or 8xxx Series or similar AMD GPU
Sacred Gold Mac Game Download
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