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Dungeon Keeper Gold

Strategy / 1997
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In Dungeon Keeper Gold for Mac OS, the user will play the role of the evil Keeper of the dungeon. In this role, he will seize the land, fight the forces of good, which are represented by Heroes and other Guardians. In addition, you need to take care of the economic well-being of the occupied lands, for this you need to extract resources, engage in production and sell manufactured products.

In order to participate in the battles, the Guardian will need an army, for this he needs to entice food to creatures that live in darkness and create his own army of bloodthirsty demons. Also, after building your own dungeon, it is necessary to protect it with a labyrinth of gloomy corridors, deadly traps and powerful spells. And with the help of the incantation spell, a player can take possession of the body of his ward and look at his dungeon in the first person and use the weapons and magic of the creature. This game is for those who are tired of saving the princesses and the universe, it's time to be a villain.


  • Several game modes: training, multiplayer mode, story campaign;
  • Nine types of territories;
  • Fourteen types of rooms.


The goal of Dungeon Keeper Gold on Mac OS is to overcome the resistance of the Heroes and other Guardians against the aggressive actions of the player. The game continues until the Dungeon Keeper captures and enslaves everything around. The campaign includes various missions, the territory of which is displayed on the world map. You will have to confront a character named Avatar - this is a kind of collective image of a good hero opposing evil.

At the beginning of the game, the map is hidden by the fog of war and opens as it is explored. When viewing it, you can easily distinguish the occupied territories from the still not enslaved. The free areas look like a green blooming garden with birdsong, while the captured ones are scorched earth, covered in blood with howling dogs.

The player who decides to Download the game will have to manage an army of creatures, in order to make them perform an action, you need to transfer them to any area that is in the player’s possession. The user can encourage and punish creatures, for example, give gold, give food, spank to speed up work, and even imprison a torture chamber. Each creature has its own needs (food, rest, money) and preferences (opinion about the keeper).

You can build rooms in your dungeons. There are fourteen types of rooms, but not everything can be built nearby, for example, noise from the workshop will interfere with library visitors. Not all types are available immediately, for the construction of some rooms, they must first be investigated in the library.

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Dungeon Keeper Gold Mac Game Download
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