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Card game in the fool
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Card game in the fool

Puzzle / 2010
  • Developer:
    Konyukhov Alexander
  • Release:
  • Version:
    v 7.0
  • Platform:
    Intel only
  • Tablet:
    Not required
  • Interface language:
    English, Russian

Card game in the fool is a Mac OS game developed by Alexander Konyukhov and released in 2010. The card game is most widespread in the countries of the former USSR. Fun originated in the 18th century on the territory of Russia. She was not popular among the noble class, but was the lot of ordinary peasants. In the process of development, the game has acquired varieties with their own rules. The most famous are the throw-in and transfer fool.

Game process

Decks of size 36 are most often used for the game, but there are variations of 24, 52 and 54. Large decks are used for the game from 6 to 8 participants. The goal of each player is to get rid of all their cards, thereby leaving the party. Anyone who failed to do this is recognized as a loser.

Everyone who decided to Download Card game in the fool initially has six cards. They must be hidden from view of other players. The rest of the cards from the deck are put face down, but before that, one random card is taken from it, and it is put face down. Her suit is indicated by a trump card, which means that she beats others, regardless of rank. If it happens that the whole deck is dealt, the last card becomes the trump card.

The first to enter the game is the one with the lowest trump card. The move is always transferred clockwise. In turn, the player puts on the table one of his cards of any value, or several cards of the same rank. They must be fought off by the person sitting to his left. In order to cover them, he must use a higher rank card of the same suit, or a trump card. It is impossible to beat the trump ace. If this is not possible, then he takes the attacker's kats for himself. If there are not dealt cards from the deck on the table, then after the move, the player must draw cards from it so that he again has six in his hands.

All played cards in Card game in the fool for Mac OS are removed in the “discard” and do not participate until the next round. Also, other participants can pop their cards if their value matches the already participating cards. However, different variations of the rules sometimes allow some restrictions. If the defender has less than six cards, which happens when the deck is completely dealt, then the number of cards thrown to him is limited by the number of cards in his hand.

The rules of the transfer fool differ in that the beating player can transfer cards to the participant sitting to his left. This can be done only if he has a card equal to the attacker's dignity. The rest follows the same rules.

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Card game in the fool Mac Game Download
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