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Hand Of Fate
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Hand Of Fate

Action / 2015
  • Developer:
    Defiant Development
  • Release:
  • Platform:
    Intel only
  • Tablet:
    Not required (DRM-FREE oт GOG)
  • Interface language:
    Russian, English, MULTI

Hand Of Fate is a card video game with action and RPG elements for Mac OS. The project was released in February 2015 and immediately excited critics and the media. Indeed, the game has a unique setting and distinctive gameplay that you will not find on the market. Developed by Defiant Development, thanks to their creation, they received worldwide recognition and tons of praise.

The gameplay of the game cannot be called simple, first you need to understand and study many details. Fortunately, the training is understandable and will easily introduce the player to all the mechanics and secrets. The gameplay itself is designed as a card duel with a certain sorcerer, who will actually introduce the player to the controls and gameplay features. The gamer must compose or select 2 decks. The first deck consists of items of equipment, and the second of in-game events.

The match begins with the fact that the sorcerer shuffles the cards, adding his own. Places them on the table, and the gamer makes a move. On the table, the player controls a piece that steps on a certain card, it turns over and now the pending event is visible. This is where the role-playing component of Hand Of Fate for Mac OS begins. Here you need to play a certain event, complete the task and comply with all the conditions of the turn. It is at this stage that the deck of equipment begins to play. The player uses it, thereby simplifying their passage.

It is also worth talking about the variability of the gameplay. Locations, events, opponents and much more depend on the decks made. Thanks to this, each playthrough will be unique and give a new experience. There are a lot of cards themselves, having learned how to combine them correctly and having studied all the mechanics, the gamer will become a real master of Hand Of Fate, but it will take a lot of time.

We should also praise Hand Of Fate for its visual component. The graphics are simply amazing and perfectly support the atmosphere of dark fantasy. The picture is beautiful, and all textures and objects are drawn in detail.

The sound is also well done. The soundtrack fits into the overall setting and helps maintain the overall atmosphere. Thanks to this, battles turn into real action and the game begins to shine with new colors.

Hand Of Fate is an amazing project that is definitely worth Download. She will easily interest anyone and give a unique experience. Unique gameplay, beautiful graphics, elaborate events and great variability, all this keeps the gameplay and sensations at the highest level.

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System requirements
  • Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6.8)
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz or equivalent
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Video Card: 512 MB (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 or Radeon HD 4850)
  • Free space on hard disk: 5 GB
Hand Of Fate Mac Game Download
  • Status: Verified
  • Size: 5.01 GB
  • Downloads: 1 359
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