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Supaplex New

Adventure / 2010
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    v 0.803
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    Intel only
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    Not required
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Supaplex New is an indie boulder dash that meets new players with a beautiful menu with interesting, atmospheric music, which is not always found in projects of this level and budget. After creating a profile, where all the results and progress records will be recorded, you can start the game process.

The protagonist of the game on Mac OS is the round creature Murphy, trying to find a way to the goal, collecting the keys "Infotrons". They allow you to pass through the gate, avoiding various enemies and other pitfalls. For example: falling objects, exploding floppy disks or bloodthirsty scissors, mercilessly pursuing the hero. By default, control is carried out using the arrows on the keyboard. A total of 111 levels are available, unfulfilled ones are marked in green in the menu, completed ones - gold. At first, the levels are easy, but over time, the difficulty increases, reaching the stages where you need to make not only a few quick moves, but also thoughtfully act.

The game is very well designed in terms of graphics, fully consistent with the genre. The explosion effects are pleasant and are accompanied by a characteristic sound that will often be heard during the passage. One can only complain about the resolution, which is only 800x600.

After completing a level, an autosave will take place in the profile created by the player, so it will always be known which level has already been completed and which has not. An interesting feature is the so-called replay saving. It is possible to record a replay from the passed level and then send it to someone if he has problems with passing a certain section. This is a very useful feature that brings together the promising Supaplex New gaming community. There are many levels, and gamers who have passed all of them definitely deserve recognition. However, if completing 111 levels seems like an insufficient achievement, you can Download additional ones.

Supaplex New for Mac OS is a lot of fun. The graphics and sound are quite good and create a great atmosphere that runs like a red thread through many different levels. The potential of the project is great and new mazes will be added in the future. The gameplay is very addictive.

Among the shortcomings, it is worth highlighting the small resolution, although it is possible to play in full screen mode, and also the fact that the music does not belong to the authorship of the sole developer of the game. In general, the project has been completed at an above average level.

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  • MacOSx 10.5-10.11
Supaplex New Mac Game Download
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