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Jets'n'Guns Gold

Action / 2006
  • Developer:
    Rake In Grass
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  • Platform:
    PPC/Intel universal
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    Not required
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Jets'n'Guns Gold is an add-on to the original game released in December 2006. It helps players to diversify the gameplay and add many new things to it. The add-on gives gamers 21 new missions and six music tracks. It also increases the screen resolution to 800x600.

Jets'n'Guns is a horizontal side-scrolling shooter for Mac OS. The plot of the game is rather cliched, like in action movies. The player is the best retired space mercenary who used to fight crime in the entire universe. One day, the protagonist meets a former commander named Troubleman, begging for help.

The famous professor of all the Galaxy - Von Hamburger was kidnapped by the villain - the dictator Xoxx, and now the technology of creating a quantum cannon is in the hands of the Universal Evil. Developed for peaceful purposes, the Cannon in the wrong hands will become a powerful weapon against the Universe, which the main character must save, destroying enemies along the way and helping the professor's daughter, Erekta.

The game is full of brutality and colorful reprisals against opponents. It is steeped in black humor, which can be seen everywhere: on advertising banners of gun shops (“Buy now and get a bear as a gift”, “Celebrities are killing with this”); you can fly into battle on a truck with hot dogs or on an old cornmaker, and you can shoot with little cloned supermen.

The player can Download the shooter, and choose a weapon before the start of the level. Initially, your ship can carry only two bow guns, which have only four upgrades. But as you progress through the game, your ship can be turned into a real killing machine. It is important to remember that almost all weapons overheat, and if they overheat, it is impossible to shoot, therefore it is also important to improve the ship's equipment: install a cooling system, armor, energy shield, wings. If you purchase access to the space police base, then on the way you will find more difficult opponents, but they receive more bonuses. One of the rare bonuses is the time compressor, which makes the ship almost invincible.

The mechanics of Jets'n'Guns Gold for Mac OS are simple: the hero flies to the left, up or down on his attack aircraft and shoots at enemies, from which bonuses often drop out, making the flight even more hurricane. A huge arsenal of weapons diversifies the gameplay, and the music from Machinae Supremacy, which combines hard rock and sound from games for the Commodore 64 computer, sets the frantic pace of the game and fills it with drive. A variety of improvements for the ship and weapons will allow you to choose your personal fighting style. The second time, the game is played in a completely new way, as a stronger and cooler weapon opens up that shreds your enemies.

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  • MAC OS X version 10.3.9 or later
Jets'n'Guns Gold Mac Game Download
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