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Heretic II
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Heretic II

Action / 2002
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Heretic II is a third person shooter set in a fantasy world. It became a direct sequel to the game Heretic and completed the story of the main character named Corvus. The project was released in 1998, it was developed by Raven Software, and the publishing company fell on the shoulders of Activision.

At the time of release, many players were outraged by the new look and interface change, but this outrage quickly passed. Yes, the game has changed, but it's gotten better. New mechanics have appeared, the arsenal of weapons has become much larger, the monsters have become smarter and more detailed. Heretic 2 for Mac OS received a lot of praise from the media and critics, and ordinary gamers, having understood the new setting, happily plunged into its world.

From the gameplay side, this is a classic shooter. The player must run and destroy various demons and evil spirits. At that time, this genre was at the peak of its popularity, and its development was treated with the utmost scrupulousness. Heretic 2 is a dynamic, exciting and unique project. Its plot and non-standard scenery won the hearts of millions of gamers around the world. Also, one cannot fail to note the main feature of the second part - the destructibility of objects. Then it was a real breakthrough, breaking down the wall, finding new passages, tactically destroying the enemy's advancement plan, all this was new and changed the perception of the video game industry.

Also, one cannot but recall the large arsenal of weapons. Many new staves, guns, crossbows have been added to Heretic II. Now you can choose a unique fighting style for each enemy. The game became variable and demanded attention from its user.

The graphics have improved significantly since the first part. This is not to say that it would look relevant in the modern world, but then such drawing and detailing seemed incredibly beautiful. Moving from first person to third person, allowing you to look at the world in a completely new way, this in turn heightened the perception and atmosphere of Heretic II on Mac OS.

The soundtrack also perfectly complemented the gameplay. Each explosion, shot, step and monster attack sounded unique. Thanks to this, the general atmosphere was maintained, and the gameplay became much more interesting.

Heretic II is a fun game. It has become a real classic, and many mechanics have migrated to modern triple-A projects. Of course, for the new generation of gamers, it will seem old and far from the most interesting, but you should understand that 22 years have passed since its release. Older players will be able to Download the game and remember their youth and play the game of childhood.

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  • Architecture: PPC
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