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Diablo 1
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Diablo 1

RPG / 1998
  • Developer:
    Blizzard North
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    v 1.04
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The Diablo series is a true classic in the video game industry. The project was the progenitor of many mechanics, and is still admired by many developers around the world. A dark fantasy, the history of which consumed all gamers of the 90s and does not seem old and simple even in the modern world. An excellent combat system, flexible character leveling, a large assortment of weapons and consumables, unique opponents and sophisticated bosses - all this is here. Diablo 1 on Mac OS can compete with many modern projects, despite the time and outdated graphics, the game still delights fans and new gamers around the world.

Diablo 1 was released back in 1997. It was a real sensation, all the gaming media and critics admired the project, ordinary gamers were surprised and excited, there was simply nothing like this on the market.

A gamer can control one of three characters to choose from: a robber, a wizard and a warrior. Each of them has unique abilities, from which a distinctive passage is built. For example, a mage can hit enemies at long distances, create useful spells and use massive cleans, but at the same time has the lowest health indicator. The warrior relies only on brute strength, he runs into the thick of battles and tears apart his enemies, but at the same time he practically does not use ranged attacks. The Rogue mainly uses bows and stealth attacks, she acts more judiciously and plans her attack. Each of the listed characters has a unique pumping experience for which is collected by exterminating enemy units.

Diablo 1 for Mac OS has relatively large locations that you need to explore and interact with game objects on them. Useful items are scattered throughout the location, they can be used or sold to a merchant to buy something more useful. So it's worth exploring every corner of the map and visiting all the caves.

The drawing of the game, which can be download on this page, deserves special praise. Every monster, character, location, cave, item and weapon has been crafted with incredible care and attention to detail. The developers put their souls into their project, which is why it is unique to this day.

Diablo 1 is one of the pioneers of the RPG genre. Serious, dark, but very interesting and original game was able to conquer millions of players around the world, it is worthy of attention and love for it.

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System requirements
  • MacOs 7.5.5 - OS 9.2
  • 32 Mb RAM
Diablo 1 Mac Game Download
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