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Diablo II
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Diablo II

RPG / 2000
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    Blizzard North
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Graphically updated, Diablo II for Mac OS - the successor to the series, appeared in the summer of 2000, three and a half years after the release of the first game. The story continues from the first part in which the former hero defeated the Lord of Terror, lost his will, tormented by visions and nightmares. More obsessed with Diablo, the hero embarks on a journey, followed by hordes from hell. The protagonist became the Dark Wanderer.

In addition to various narratives and dialogues in the game, the story is deepened by several animated video sequences, which at that time were one of the most artistically high-quality and most complex components of a computer game.

Remaining true to the basic principle of the game, numerous improvements were made in the second part. The fictional game world is divided into four areas (actions). With a paladin and a necromancer, the choice of characters increases to five without a complement. The ability system, which in the second part differs more in character, is also fully adaptable.

You can no longer learn spells using scrolls, but some items still make it possible to cast corresponding spells. Especially the so-called "skill", that is, the exact distribution of skill points across several spells. Diablo II, which can be download on this site, provides the opportunity to create objects with a Horadrim cube for playful depth and long-term fun.

The Lord of Destruction supplement was re-released on June 29, 2001, with a one-year delay. Thus, the story is supplemented by another act and the brother of Diablo - Baal. But, like the implementation of two new classes of heroes (Assassin and Druid), this is only a small facet of the addition. Technically, you can now select a maximum of 800 x 600 pixels, instead of the previous 640 x 480 pixels.

The changes in the addon that are necessary for the gameplay can be found in the details. For example, now a mercenary can be equipped with items, and portable spells that give bonuses are stored in the inventory. In addition, special patches “Hellfire Quest” and “About Diablo” were added in subsequent patches. For the first time, a player can carry a spare weapon (2nd hand).

It is noteworthy that Blizzard continues to provide updates and patches for the game on Mac OS, despite the fact that she is already 16 years old, the last of which appeared recently in the summer of 2016.

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