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The Path
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The Path

Survival horror / 2009
  • Developer:
    Tale of Tales
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  • Platform:
    PPC/Intel universal
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    Is present
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The Path is an original video game for Mac OS, developed in the arthouse genre with horror elements. The developers of the game were inspired by all kinds of versions of the fairy tales about "Little Red Riding Hood", but the events of the game unfold in the modern world.


  • The game has no elements of action and logical puzzles, instead you need to walk through the forest and watch it;
  • Separately, it is worth mentioning the excellent soundtrack, which to the end keeps the feeling of tension, and sometimes panic.


The player will play the role of one of the six sisters. However, there is another secret sister, for the opening of which certain conditions must be met. The developers took the names of the girls from the names of shades of red, or having a connection with it. The player's goal is to determine which way to go to visit a sick grandmother: along the road, or through a dark forest in which the girl's betrothed is a wolf.

The developers have perfectly diversified the gameplay by adding artificial intelligence, which makes decisions on its own, depending on what events take place in the dark forest. To see this system in action, you need to Download the game, and just stand still, and the girl will immediately raise her head up and look at the bird, raise a flower, or play with a mysterious girl who is completely dressed in white. As you progress, this very girl will follow the player, which adds to the feeling of anxiety.

After choosing a girl, the player appears on a colorful path, walking along which, you can understand that she is endless. There is no choice left how to get off the trail into the eerie and dark forest, in which a terrible wolf is hiding and waiting.

From the moment you enter the dark forest, the game immediately changes the music to a darker one. She perfectly immerses the player in the atmosphere of a lost girl in a dark forest. The forest is so dense that the girl, looking back, does not see the path she left. In The Path on Mac OS you will not encounter horrible and mysterious monsters, however, even without this, the game keeps you in constant tension.

Finding a wolf is pretty easy. The place where the wolf is, is marked by a bright glow shining through the branches and leaves of tall trees. Having found the wolf, the player has the opportunity to return back to the trail, or stay with the wolf and get to know him. To do this, you need to approach him and the story video will immediately begin. Having examined it, the girl mysteriously finds herself at the house where the sick grandmother of the sisters is.

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System requirements
  • MacOS 10.5.6 or later
  • Processor type(s) & speed: Intel
  • RAM minimum: 1 GB
  • Video RAM: 64 MB
  • HD space: 1 GB
The Path Mac Game Download
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  • Size: 1.01 GB
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